“The Manila amendments to the STCW Convention and Code”

As stated in major amendments and changes have been adopted known as theThe Manila
amendments to the STCW Convention and Code  ” that came in force on January 1st, 2012. Below you may find extract of the revised Section A-VIII/1 for fitness of duty of seafarers:

1. All persons who are assigned duty as officer in charge of a watch or as a rating forming part of a watch and those whose duties involve designated safety, prevention of pollution and security duties shall be provided with a rest period of not less than:
a) A minimum of 10 hours of rest in any 24-hour period;
b) 77 hours in any 7-day period.

2. The hours of rest may be divided into no more than two periods, one of which shall be at least 6 hours in length, and the intervals between consecutive periods of rest shall not exceed 14 hours.

3. The requirements for rest periods laid down in
paragraphs 2 and 3 need not be maintained in the case of
an emergency or in other overriding operational
conditions. Musters, fire-fighting and lifeboat drills, and
drills prescribed by national laws and regulations and by
international instruments, shall be conducted in a manner that minimizes the disturbance of rest periods and does not induce fatigue.

4. Administrations shall require that watch schedules be
posted where they are easily accessible. The schedules be shall established in a standardized format in the working language or languages of the ship and in English.

5. Administrations shall require that record s of daily hours of rest of seafarer be maintained in a standardized format, in the working language or languages of the ship and in English, to allow monitoring and verification of compliance with the provisions of this section. The seafarers shall receive a copy of the records pertaining to them, which shall be endorsed by the master or by a person authorized by the master and by the seafarers.”

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