Sierra Leone Flag approved P&I clubs

Sierra Leone Flag approved P&I clubs
5.2 SL Accepted P&I Clubs
- American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association, Inc.
- Assuranceforeningen SKULD
- The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited
- The Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association
- The London Steam-Ship Owners' Mutual Insurance Association Limited
- The North of England Protecting & Indemnity Association Limited
- The Shipowners' Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association (Luxembourg)
- The Standard Steamship Owner’s Protection and Indemnity
- The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited
- The Swedish Club

- The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Bermuda) Limited
- The West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (Luxembourg)
P&I Not part of the International Club
- Al-Bahriah Insurance & Reinsurance S.A.L.
- British Marine Managers Ltd
- British Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association (Bermuda) Limited
- CertaAsig SA Insurance & Reinsurance Co
- China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Company
- DGS Marine Management Services as Agents to the Managers of The British
European & Overseas P&I/FD&D
- East of England P&I Association
- Hanseatic P&I Underwriters
- Ingosstrakh Insurance Company

- Intercoastal Shipowners’ P. & I. B.V. (also identified as RaetsMarine Insurance B.V.)
- Investflot Insurance Co
- Maritime Mutual Insurance Association
- Navigator Insurance Company
- Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China Ltd
(also affiliated with) The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited
- Qbe Hong Kong & Shanghai Insurance Limited
- RaetsMarine Insurance B.V.
- Russian P&I Pool
- S.C. Asigurare-Reasigurare Astra S.A.
- Soglassye Insurance Company Ltd
- Water Quality Insurance Syndicate
6.1 Sierra Leone Flag Administration will not issue Bunker Conventions to State Parties of
the Convention. Below is the list of the State Members of the Convention as per April
2012. The list will be updated as required. Before issuing a Bunker Convention
Certificate it needs to be verified that the Flag State of the vessel is not a State Party of
the Convention.
6.2 State Party of the Convention are:
Albania Antigua and Bermuda Australia
Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados
Belgium Belize Bulgaria
Canada China Cook Islands
Croatia Cyprus DPR Korea
Denmark Egypt Estonia
Ethiopia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary
Iran Ireland Italy
Jamaica Jordan Kiribati

Latvia Liberia Lithuania
Luxembourg Malasya Malta
Marshall Islands Mongolia Montenegro
Morocco Netherlands Nigeria
Norway Palau Panama
Poland Republic of Korea Romania
Russia Federation St Kitts and Nevis St Vincent & the Grenadines
Samoa Serbia Sierra Leone
Singapore Slovenia Spain
Syria Tonga Tunisia
Tuvalu United Kingdome Vanuatu
Viet Nam Macao, China
7.1 This Marine Notice will be updated as needed including exclusions and additions to
the P&I Approved list and addition of new State Member of the Convention. The
Sierra Leone Flag Administration will send to all concerned parties updated Marine
Notice 12-002 as required.

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