on 30.09.2012
Flag State contact points for PSC matters, Casualty investigation services and Ships' inspection
services (including Secretariats of Memoranda of Understanding on Port State Control)

updated 29.09.2012 CONTACT ADDRESSES OF RESPONSIBLE NATIONAL AUTHORITIES Flag State contact points for port State control


30 September 2012
1 The following information is provided to enable compliance with Regulation 37 of
MARPOL Annex I which, inter alia, requires that shipboard pollution emergency plans for oil
(SOPEP) shall contain a list of authorities or persons to be contacted in the event of a pollution
incident involving such substances. Requirements for oil pollution emergency plans and relevant
oil pollution reporting procedures are contained in Articles 3 and 4 of the 1990 OPRC Convention.
2 This information is also provided to enable compliance with Regulation 17 of MARPOL
Annex II which, inter alia, requires that the shipboard marine pollution emergency plans for oil
and/or noxious liquid substances (SMPEP) shall contain a list of authorities or persons to be
contacted in the event of a pollution incident involving such substances. In this context,
requirements for emergency plans and reporting for hazardous and noxious substances are also
contained in Article 3 of the 2000 OPRC-HNS Protocol.
3 Resolution MEPC.54(32), as amended by resolution MEPC.86(44), on the SOPEP
Guidelines and resolution MEPC.85(44), as amended by resolution MEPC.137(53), on the
SMPEP Guidelines adopted by the IMO require that these shipboard pollution emergency plans
should include, as an appendix, the list of agencies or officials of administrations responsible for
receiving and processing reports as developed and up-dated by the Organization in compliance
with Article 8 (Reports on incidents involving harmful substances) and Protocol I (Provisions
concerning Reports on Incidents Involving Harmful Substances) of the MARPOL Convention.
Under Article 8 of Convention, each Party to the Convention shall notify the Organization with
complete details of authorities responsible for receiving and processing reports on incidents for
circulation to other Parties and Member States of the Organization. Attention is also drawn to
both Guidelines which stipulate that "in the absence of a listed focal point, or should any undue
delay be experienced in contacting the responsible authority by direct means, the master should
be advised to contact the nearest coastal radio station, designated ship movement reporting
station or rescue co-ordination centre (RCC) by the quickest available means".
4 The "List of national operational contact points responsible for the receipt, transmission
and processing of urgent reports on incidents involving harmful substances, including oil from
ships to coastal States" contained in the circular is updated at the end of each calendar year.
This list is an update of that contained in MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.9 dated 31 December 2010, as
5 The above mentioned “List” is available on the Internet and can be accessed as follows:
Marine-Pollution-Emergency-Plans.aspx (select "SOPEP National Operational Contact
Points" on the right hand side of the given link) or http://www.imo.org (select either “National
Contacts” or “Circulars” links on the bottom of the IMO homepage). This Internet version is
updated on a quarterly basis and includes a summary indicating which country has
submitted changes to its information, since the previous update.
6 On receipt of this latest version and in order to maintain an accurate list, it is necessary
that Member States check their respective information to ensure that it is correct. Effective
29 February 2008, Member States are requested to directly update their respective information
in the Global Integrated Shipping Information Systems (GISIS) using the reporting facilities of the
Contact Points module.
Annex 2, page 2
Changes or Amendments to the

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 28th September, 2012

FIXTURES -  28/SEP/2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 28th September, 2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 28/09/2012

BDI 766 (UP 22) BCI 1621 (UP 73) BPI 425 (UP 7)

BSI 830 (DOWN 6) BHSI 472 (DOWN 4)

Last published BDTI 646 (UP 6) BCTI 643 (DOWN 5)


'Tango Sea' 2011 92500 dwt  dely Gibraltar spot  trip via Murmansk &
Israel redel Cape Passero $4000 daily - K2
'Mastro Nikos' 2011 82177 dwt  dely aps US Gulf 6/10 Oct  trip redel
China $13000 daily + $300000 bb - Louis Dreyfus
'Wanisa' 2012 79400 dwt  dely aps NoPac 13/17 Oct  trip redel
Singapore-Japan $5000 daily + $310000 bb - Alfred C.Toepfer
'Fortune Clover'  2006 77430 dwt  dely Gibraltar 29 Sept/3 Oct  trip
via Quebec redel Singapore-Japan $11000 daily chop via Trombetas
$11500 daily - Norden
'Apollo' 2006 77326 dwt  dely US Gulf 11/16 Oct  redel Singapore-Japan
$13000 daily + $325000 bb - Chinese chrtr
'CF Diamond' 2011 75619 dwt  dely Gibraltar ppt  trip via Casablanca
redel Pascagoula $2500 daily - Klaveness
'Amalfi' 2009 75206 dwt  dely aps Indonesia 4/6 Oct  trip redel
S.China $5000 daily + $60000 bb - Oldendorff
'Ningbo Innovation' 2001 75200 dwt  dely Mobile 15/25 Oct  trip via US
Gulf redel China $13000 daily + $310000 bb - Priminds
'Evanthia' 2001 74297 dwt  dely aps Indonesia ely Oct  trip redel
China $7000 daily + 75000 bb - cnr
'Cretan Wave' 2001 74107 dwt  dely psg Gibraltar 28 Sept/2 Oct  trip
via Baltic & Sudan redel Port Said $4250 daily - Mina Shipping
'IVS Beachwood' 2011 61418 dwt  dely W Med spot  trip redel Caribs
intention gypsum $3500 daily - Norden
'Navios Meridian' 2002 50316 dwt  dely EC South America early/mid
October  trip redel India approx $12500 daily + approx $250000 bb -
Louis Dreyfus


'Konstantinos D' 2000 50326 dwt      - reported to be incorrect>


'SwissMarine TBN' 165000/10 Ponta Do Ubu/Rotterdam 3/12 Oct $11.50 fio
6 days shinc - Rogesa
'2xWisco TBNs' 200000 dwt 160000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 10/20 Oct $20.50
fio scale/30000shinc - Vale

Amendments to MARPOL V: Garbage Management

Amendments to MARPOL Annex V with respect to garbage management will enter into force on 1 January 2013. Ships of 100 gross tonnage and above, or certified to carry 15 persons or more, and fixed or floating platforms are required to have on board, by 1 January 2013, a new or revised Garbage Management Plan complying with resolution MEPC.201(62). The plans are not required to be approved by or on behalf of the Administration. Additionally, ships of 400 gross tonnage and above, or certified to carry 15 persons or more engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of another party to MARPOL, and fixed or floating platforms, are also required to carry a Garbage Record Book. Significant revisions of the requirements include prohibition of discharge of (1) cargo hold cleaning agents and additives in hold wash water and (2) incinerator ash (which had previously been allowed to be discharged outside of Special Areas 12 nautical miles or more from the nearest land provided it did not contain toxic or heavy metal residues from plastic products) regardless of the area of operation. Also, the lower threshold of ship tonnage for the carriage of a plan has been reduced from 400 gt to 100 gt. To assist owners in complying with the requirements of the revised regulations.

INDUSTRY UPDATES On 27th September, 2012

On 27th September, 2012
PIL filed un supreme court for ban on mining of Iron, Manganese in Goa
A PIL was filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday seeking a court direction to stop illegal mining of iron and manganese ores in Goa. The PIL filed by the Goa Foundation, an NGO active in the state, also sought a ban on all trade activities of the illegally mined ores.

The PIL sought a Bellary-type inquiry into all mining leases sanctioned in the state. The state has banned all mining pending a review of all licences. The ban was declared on September 10, 2012. But the NGO insisted that the illegal mining continued in the state.

The PIL was filed through activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan. The PIL alleged that illegal mining was going on in Goa in violation of the provisions of the Forest Conservation Act 1980, the Indian Forest Act, 1927, national forest policy, the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation Act, 1957 (MMDR) Act and Mineral Concession Rules, 1960. This raises serious concerns about damage caused to the ecology of the state as also issues concerning transparency and accountability in governance, the PIL said.

"When compared to Bellary, where this court has had sufficient grounds to pass stringent directions in public interest, the situation in Goa is far worse in terms of extent of illegal mining, plunder of public resources, collusion of authorities at all levels and total degeneration of the environment," the petition said.

"It appears as if rule of law no longer exists as the concerned departments, including the Indian Bureau of Mines, Ministry of Environment and Forests and Departments of State viz. the Forest Department, the Goa Pollution Control Board and the Department of Mines and Geology are all complicit in permitting the illegality to continue unabated," the PIL said.

The PIL also cited the Shah Commission report to press for a Bellary-type inquiry into encroachment and lease violations.

The PIL claimed that ban order had not affected "trade and transportation of ore already mined and existing in the lease-hold area, in transit or stores or stocked on the jetties." It also expressed unhappiness with the proposal to permit trade in existing stocks when the commission had unambiguously questioned the validity of every working mine. The proper course of action is to carry out a survey and seize the stocks, the PIL said.

It sought an independent committee to go into the issues raised by the Shah Commission. In the alternative, the court could direct the Central Empowered Committee (CEC) to undertake this function.
(Economic Times)

Cement sector continues to face headwinds, Says ICRA
Credit rating agency IcraBSE -0.25 % today said the outlook for the cement sector continues to remain challenging due to rising input costs, unfavourable demand- supply scenario and overcapacity.

"In view of rising input costs, unfavorable demand- supply scenario and continuance of fundamental issues plaguing the cement industry, the outlook for the sector seems challenging," Icra said in a report.

The fundamental issues affecting cement demand in FY11 and H1 FY12 continue to persist, it said.

"Subdued demand and significant capacity addition had put pressures on capacity utilisation of the cement industry. Apart from unfavorable demand-supply scenario, the industry is also reeling under the pressure of rising input costs."

Prices of key raw materials like limestone and gypsum have increased, it said. "Besides, the increase in domestic coal prices and non-availability of low cost linkage coal has increased the power and fuel cost for cement manufacturers."

Cement companies depending on imported coal have seen some easing in cost pressures due to decline in price of imported coal, the rating agency said.

"However, the benefit of declining prices has been off -set by rupee decline to some extent. In addition, the freight costs have increased due to increase in surcharge and cess by the Railways last year and hike in freight rates for some commodities in March. The recent hike in diesel prices will further escalate the cost of production for cement companies."

In the long-term, however, the agency expects the sector to see higher demand from residential and commercial space, huge investments planned in the infrastructure sector and Government expenditure under various schemes.

However, it cautioned that since cement demand is correlated with economic development, the extent to which the issues affecting investment in projects are addressed would be critical.
(Economic Times)

Fertiliser Ministry to expedite proposal to hike urea prices
Concerned over rising subsidies, the Finance Ministry has asked the Fertiliser Ministry to expedite the proposal to hike urea prices. "The Finance Ministry has asked (the Fertiliser Ministry) to accelerate the proposal to raise urea prices...," sources said.

Industry Updates on 26.09.2012

on 26, September, 2012
Environment ministry denies delay in clearances to mining projects
The ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) will stick to its norms and criteria for evaluating projects and has rebuffed claims by the industry that delays in green clearances are obstructing projects, such as coal mining.

Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan says her ministry has not held up any mining project. "There is a perception that projects are being held up in the environment ministry, but let me make this clear, there is hardly any approval that is pending with the ministry. This perception is demonstrably wrong," said Natarajan.

"There are, however, cases where the project proponents have not submitted proper information, or are yet to provide the environmental management plan. There are 27 manuals but still project developers fail to provide all the requisite information."

Officials said that until June 2012, the ministry has cleared coal mining projects which would yield 1,009 million tonnes (MT) per year. Projects yielding another 67 MT annually are in the process of being cleared. "The ministry has given clearances to more than the production target for the Eleventh Plan. As a matter of fact, we have given clearances that would meet most of the Twelfth Plan target as well," said a senior ministry official. The target for the Eleventh Plan was 554 MT of coal a year and that for the Twelfth plan has been set at 715 MT annually.

The ministry is under pressure to expedite approvals, including forest clearances. The finance ministry had suggested that for speedier forest clearances, the MoEF should consider setting up "three or four forest advisory committees". The MoEF says that the suggestion is unnecessary and unworkable. "First, there is no pending work with the Forest Advisory Committee. Second, the Committee's meetings and deliberations have to be chaired by the director general of forests. So, even if there is more than one panel, it would still require the presence of the chief forest official for any decisions to be taken," explained a senior official.

The Forest Advisory Committee is a key statutory body which considers questions on the diversion of forest land for non-forest uses such as mining, industrial projects, townships and advises the government on the issue of granting forest clearances.

The ministry proposes to demand accountability from project proponents. This is pertinent for large projects that seek large diversions of forest land and coal mining projects and where production lags the annual permissible amount.

"Why should they be asking for clearances for new mines when they are not using what they have?" asked an official.

Last week, Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia announced that the proposed National Investment Approval Board will help expedite environmental, forest and other statutory clearances for "nationally important" large projects. This board, which will have representatives from key ministries, will take a "holistic" view and approve projects.

However, it is feared that the board will overrule the recommendations of the environment ministry, as was the case with the Mahan coal block. Ministry officials say such plans will undermine the role of statutory environmental and forest approval processes.

The ministry may suggest changes in the process of coal block allocations as well.
(Economic Times)
Indian coal mining scam - Spreads to deep sea bed

Central Bureau of investigation has begun probing alleged irregularities in the country's first ever attempt to explore untapped mineral wealth worth thousands of crores lying in the deep sea bed, sensing another mega scam.

The sources said in March last year government, in a first attempt to explore offshore mineral wealth, had placed 62 blocks on offer out of which 28, nearly half, were bagged by companies owned by family members of the former Enforcement Directorate official who had also served in Mines Ministry.

Just a week after filing cases in coal block allocation scam,CBI sources said a preliminary enquiry has been registered by the agency in connection with the alleged favours extended to the companies by the unknown officials of the Indian Bureau of Mines while awarding licences for exploring minerals in the sea bed of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

It is alleged four beneficiaries companies owned by the family members of an Indian Revenue Service officer are also under the agency's scanner as they bagged nearly half of the blocks despite lacking necessary qualification

It is alleged that companies were incorporated after bids were invited from the interested parties willing to go for exploration and did not have any experience in offshore mining at the time of notification.

The final award of licences had been put on hold after aggrieved parties approached the Bombay High Court and the Andhra Pradesh High Court seeking their cancellation.
(Steel Guru)
Major setback to Mormugao Port Trust,
Goa State Pollution Control Board on Monday directed port authorities to stop coal and coke handling operations at berth Nos 10 and 11 saying that measures taken are not adequate to control pollution.

GSPCB revoked the consent to operate in light of air pollution in Vasco town arising due to inefficient implementation of the air pollution control measures.

The order has been issued under the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981, and Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974.
(Steel Guru)
Ban on iron ore mining by Goa to hit the production

The recent Goa government's move to ban iron ore mining is likely to hit the production of iron ore in the country during the current financial year. The domestic production is likely to touch 140 million tonnes in 2012-13, an 18% YoY decline. A similar production levels were seen during 2004-05 and the production had peaked in 2009-10 at 220 million tonnes.

A Citi Research report said that during the fiscal ended March 2012, the domestic production of iron ore was estimated at 170 million tonnes, a decline of 20% YoY. The country exported 60 million tonnes in FY12, down by 39% YoY. The production is likely to be affected due to ban and slower MoEF clearances. After Karnataka and Goa, the ban may be extended by other states as well.

Analysts from Citi Research said that "We expect domestic steel production to grow at about 8% CAGR between FY 2005-13 to 78 million tonnes. Domestic ore should suffice to meet India's requirements (about 125 million tonnes). But exports could potentially decline from 60 million tonnes in FY 2012 (35% of total production) to less than 30 million tonnes in FY 2013 if the mining ban in Goa stays."

The recent mining ban announced in Goa could wipe out about 30 million tonnes from the seaborne market (about 1 billion tonnes), partly offset the impact of about 50 million tonnes of new supply expected to come on stream globally in second half of 2012 calendar year and provide near term support to global prices.

The government of Goa suspended mining after the Shah Commission Report was tabled in Parliament on September 12th 2012. This was followed by the suspension of environment clearances for all 93 mining leases by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The ban in Goa follows a blanket ban imposed by the Supreme Court in Karnataka in August 2011.

It is unclear how long the process of obtaining fresh environment clearances is likely to take. If exports out of Goa are not resumed this year, India's total exports in FY 2013 could drop to about 30 million tonnes (12 million tonnes in Q1 FY 2013). However, the suspension of mining operations will not affect trade and transportation of ore already mined and existing in the lease hold area, in transit or stocked at the port.
(Steel Guru)
NINL halts export trade of pig iron on poor demand

Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited the largest producer of pig iron in the country, has decided to halt its export trade for the time being on poor international demand. Mr S P Padhi financial director of NINL said that "We canceled a global tender for pig iron sales last week as traders quoted only USD 400 per tonne while we wanted to sell it at USD 440 a tonne. We have decided not to float any tender till the market revives.”

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 25th September, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 25th September, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List 25/09/2012

BDI 763 DOWN 9

BCI 1568 DOWN 10

BPI 441 DOWN 20




'Safe Voyager' Tata-NYK relet 2007 82514 dwt dely S.Korea spot trip
redel Japan $5000 daily - Marubeni
'Wadi Alkarm' 2011 80533 dwt dely aps EC South America 10/20 Oct
trip redel
Singapore-Japan $12000 daily + $250000 bb - CJ International - last
'Tian Hua Feng' 2001 73996 dwt dely aps SW Pass 1/10 Oct trip via
Cape of
Good Hope redel Singapore-Japan int coal $12000 daily + $200000 bb -
Noble -

'Lotus Sun' 1995 73556 dwt dely aps Santos 5/10 Oct trip redel
Singapore-Japan $12500 daily + $250000 bb - Louis Dreyfus -
'Anangel Omonia' 1996 73519 dwt dely S.Africa 22/24 Sept trip redel


The Cyprus Shipping Forum aspires to become the biggest event for the shipping industry in Cyprus,
highlighting the opportunities and challenges in one of the most important sectors of the economy, year
after year. The forum is designed to bring together all key players and professionals involved in
shipping. This key industry event will provide in-depth analysis and views on the most important issues
affecting global shipping today.
The Forum will run under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union
(http://www.cy2012.eu) and it is supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Communication and Works and
the Department of Merchant Shipping, as well as the Cyprus Shipping Chamber.
A very important session at this one day event is considered to be the “EU Shipping Ministers Panel
Discussion”, where EU Ministers and Maritime Administration Experts will analyse and debate the
topic: “EU State Aid Guidelines on Maritime Transport: A Mean to Support the Shipping Industry”. The
session will give the opportunity to EU experts to present their national policies on this crucial topic.
Furthermore, the delegates will have the opportunity to learn from a team of international speakers on
various subjects that concern the industry such as:
 Conventional ship financing and its future
 Restructuring shipping company debt
 Commodities
 Shipyards overcapacity
 Ship Recycling
 New fuel efficient vessels
 Dual Fuel Engines Applications
 LNG driven vessels and the supply of LNG
and so on.

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 19th September, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 19th September, 2012

FIXTURES - 19/SEP/2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 19/09/2012

BDI 722 (UP 25) BCI 1421 (UP 95) BPI 468 (DOWN 6)

BSI 845 (UP 2) BHSI 480 (No change)

Last published BDTI 637 (UP 2) BCTI 598 (UP 5)


'Piet' 2011 93183 dwt dely dop Huanghua 15/17 Sept trip via China
redel India intention ferts $4000 daily - Sivabulk - week>
'Bahia 1' 2012 82000 dwt dely Qingdao in d/c spot trip via NoPac
redel Singapore-Japan option US Gulf round $5000 daily - Lansing -

'Sea Empire' 2010 79372 dwt dely aps Abbot Point 1/5 Oct trip redel
China $5000 daily + $220000 bb - Oldendorff
'Rosco Ginkgo' 2005` 76620 dwt dely aps NoPac 11/15 Oct redel
Singapore-Japan $5500 daily + $350000 bb - cnr
'Eternal Grace' 2006 76585 dwt dely aps Samarinda 21/30 September
trip redel China $5000 daily + $64000 bb - Sivabulk
'Milagro' 2009 75205 dwt dely Jintang 17/19 Sept trip via NoPac
redel Singapore-Japan $2700 daily - Oldendorff -
'Alpha Afovos' 2001 74374 dwt dely St.Lawrence 26/30 Sept trip redel
China int grain $12250 daily + $275000 bb - Noble -
'Flipper' 1999 73296 dwt 12 on 21/12 on 24.5 dely Taiwan 22/27 Sept
trip via NoPac redel Singapore-Japan $4000 daily - Cargill
'Sea Lord' 1995 69128 dwt dely West Australia 21/24 Sept trip redel
China $4500 daily + $150000 bb - NCS
'Thalassini Axia' 2010 58608 dwt dely Tuticorin prompt trip via
Indonesia redel EC India $6000 daily - cnr
'Crown Mina' 2012 58000 dwt dely aps Texas 20/21 Sept trip redel
Nigeria approx $13250 daily - Louis Dreyfus
'Sophia Z' 2009 57700 dwt dely aps US Gulf prompt trip redel
Singapore-Japan $18500 daily - Cargill
'Ilia' 2009 57590 dwt dely E.Med spot trip redel West Africa $10000
daily - cnr
'Vishva Nibhi 2011 57144 dwt dely dop Vizag 15/17 September trip via
Indonesia redel full India $6250 daily - Sivabulk - week>
'Parnon' 2011 56617 dwt dely Singapore prompt trip via Indonesia
redel India $12000 daily - cnr
'Sweet Lady lll' 2006 55838 dwt dely PMO 16/17 September trip redel
India intention limestone $8000 daily - Sivabulk - week>
'Therese Selmer' 2006 55682 dwt dely Fangcheng spot trip via
Indonesia redel India $8450 daily - cnr
'Dubai Crown' 2005 55338 dwt dely Singapore 23/25 Sept trip via
Indonesia redel China $9000 daily - DHL
'Ocean Hawk' 2011 37193 dwt dely Shantou prompt 2/3 laden legs redel
Singapore-Japan $7500 daily - Pacbasin -


'Panamax Trader' 1990 69338 dwt dely Cape Passero 1/10 Oct 60/90 days
trading redel Cape Passero or passing Durban westbound $9250 daily -
Phaethon -
'Great Resource' 2010 31776 dwt dely Nantong prompt 4/6 months
trading redel worldwide approx $8250 daily - cnr


'TBN' 160000/10 Pointe Noire/China 11/20 Oct $23.00 fio
35000shinc/30000shinc - Cosbulk
'Su-oh' 1997 160000/10 Narvik/Qingdao 15/30 Sept $22.00 fio
scale/30000shinc - Cosbulk -
'TBN' 160000/10 Saldanha Bay/Qingdao 12/15 Oct approx $13.00 fio
scale/30000 shinc - Kumba
'Glory China' 2010 160000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 24/26 Sept $19.50 fio
scale/30000 shinc - Vale
'Zosco Taizhou' 2010 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 1/5 Oct $7.20 fio
scale/30000 shinc - Rio Tinto
'TBN' 150000/10 Esperance/Qingdao 3/12 Oct approx $10.00 fio
scale/30000shinc - Pacific Bulk

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 18th September, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 18th September, 2012

FIXTURES - 18/SEP/2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 18/09/2012

BDI 697 (UP 34) BCI 1326 (UP 107) BPI 474 (DOWN 9)

BSI 843 (UP 4) BHSI 480 (UP 1)

Last published BDTI 635 (UP 1) BCTI 593 (UP 1)


'Navios Pollux' 2009 180727 dwt dely Dunkirk ppt trip via Colombia
redel Continent-Mediterranean $4500 daily - E.On
'Baltic Wolf' Cargill relet 2010 177752 dwt dely Rotterdam 21/24 Sept
trip via Colombia redel Continent-Mediterranean $7000 daily - EdF
'KM Mt Jade' 2008 81487 dwt - $7500 daily + $130000 bb>
'Shi Dai 2' 2007 77000 dwt dely aps US Gulf 6/15 Oct trip with grain
redel China $12250 daily plus $225000 bb - WBC
'Navios Star' 2002 76662 dwt dely aps Indonesia 20/23 Sept redel
China $5000 daily + $55000 bb - Noble
'Grace One' 2001 75563 dwt dely Jiangsu 24/26 Sept trip via Nopac opt
Australia redel Singapore-Japan range $4500 daily - Oldendorff
'Banzai' 2002 74181 dwt dely Niihama 18/20 Sept trip via NoPac redel
Singapore-Japan $5500 daily - Sinotrans
'Capt. Stefanos' 2002 74000 dwt dely APS Recalada 25/30 Sept trip
with grain redely Singapore-Japan range $12250 daily plus $225000 bb -
'Edelweiss' 2001 73524 dwt dely Singapore ppt trip via Australia
redel Red Sea $6000 daily - Oldendorff
'Linda Leah' 1997 73390 dwt dely Cape Passero spot trip via Black
Sea & Red Sea redel Port Said $5500 daily - Phaethon
'Ioannis Zafirakis' 2004 73000 dwt dely Lianyungang 24/25 Sept trip
via Nopac with grain redel Singapore-Japan range $4000 daily - Cargill
'Spar Capella' 2011 57981 dwt dely Krishnapatnam ppt trip via
Indonesia redel WC India $7250 daily - cnr
'Pos Achat' 2010 56969 dwt dely Durban spot trip redel Continent
$6250 daily - IVS
'Bulk Argentina' 2009 55477 dwt dely Yangjiang 19/20 Sept trip via
Indonesia redel full India $10500 daily - cnr
'Confidence Ocean' 1996 48256 dwt dely aps Recalada prompt trip
redel Santos $9000 daily - cnr


'Blue Mansalu' 2011 179276 dwt dely Zhanjiang 24/26 Sept 4/8 months
trading redel worldwide $9500 daily - Louis Dreyfus
'Antonis Angelicoussis' 2005 177855 dwt dely ex drydock Zhoushan
24/26 Sept 4/7 months trading redel worldwide $9000 daily - cnr -

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 17th September, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 17th September, 2012

FIXTURES - 17/SEP/2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 17/09/2012

BDI 663 (UP 1) BCI 1219 (UP 15) BPI 483 (DOWN 19)

BSI 839 (UP 5) BHSI 479 (UP 2)

Last published BDTI 634 (UP 1) BCTI 592 (DOWN 1)


'Prabhu Shakti' 2009 83690 dwt dely aps Abbot Point 28 Sept/2 Oct
trip redel EC India $5850 daily + $255000 bb - Oldendorff
'Km Mt. Jade' 2008 81487 dwt dely Upriver 17/20 Sept trip redel
Skaw-Cape Passero $7000 daily + $130000 bb - Louis Dreyfus - Thursday/Friday last week>
'Gleamstar' 2011 75491 dwt dely aps Santos 1/3 Oct trip redel Japan
$12000 daily + $250000 bb - Cosco
'Premnitz' 1994 72873 dwt dely Antwerp 18/22 Sept 1/1 legs via Baltic
redel Skaw-Gibraltar $2500 daily option 3rd leg BPI 3a - Norden
'Crane' 2010 57809 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia redel
EC India $11500 daily - Bulk Marine
'Vishva Biksha' 2012 57300 dwt dely New Mangalore spot trip via
Indonesia redel India $6000 daily - ISL Dubai
'Common Spirit' 2011 57078 dwt dely Continent spot trip redel India
via Gulf of Aden $17000 daily - Oldendorff
'Voyager' 2011 57000 dwt dely mid China spot trip redel Continent
$3750 daily 1st 55 days $9500 daily balance - Greig Star
'Alexandros lll' 2010 56868 dwt dely N.China spot trip redel USGulf
$2500 daily 1st 65 days $9500 daily balance - Korean a/c
'Colchester Castle' 1996 45300 dwt dely dop EC Mexico end September
trip via US East Coast redel Turkey $9000 daily - Grace Trading
'Great Peace' 1996 45259 dwt dely Poland spot trip redel EC South
America approx $4750 daily 1st 35 days approx $11000 daily - ED&F Man


'Battersea' 2009 170500 dwt dely Nantong 11/14 Sept 4/7 months
trading redel worldwide $7400 daily - SwissMarine - week>
'Avra' 2001 75169 dwt dely Paradip 18/22 Sept 10/16 months trading
redel worldwide $6500 daily - Norden

INDUSTRY UPDATES on 10.09.2012

on 10 September, 2012
IST Steel & power says it is on track to start coal production
IST Steel & Power, in which former Corporate Affairs Minister Prem Chand Gupta's son Gaurav Gupta is a Director, today said it fails to understand why a show- cause notice has been issued to it for delay in developing the Chhattisgarh coal block that is progressing on schedule. "We don't know why a show-cause notice was given to us when the block is ready to start production from August, 2014. Our end-use plant (sponge iron) has also started production," IST Steel & Power's Director S C Jain told reporters after making a presentation before the Inter-Ministerial Group(IMG).

The IMG, headed by Zohra Chatterji, Additional Secretary, Coal, is reviewing the progress in 27 coal blocks which were allocated to private companies between 2005 and 2009. It may recommend de-allocation of these blocks which have not made satisfactory progress. Dahegaon-Makardhokra IV block was given to IST Steel and Power, along with cement firms Gujarat Ambuja and Lafarge India, in June 2009. The block has a total of 48.84 million tonnes of extractable reserves. IST Steel and Power owns the majority 53 per cent stake in the block.

When asked whether the company was given a favour in the block allocation, Jain said, "If somebody's father is a Minister, it is not his fault."  Jain said the mining plan for the block has also been approved and it is likely to get the forest clearance soon. Stating that the block would start production "in time", he said the company hopes the IMG would not recommend de-allocation of the block.

SKS Ispat and Power, in which Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahai's brother held the position of "honorary director", also presented its case before the IMG. The company officials did not talk to the media. Seven other coal block allottees, including Tata Iron and Steel Company, JSW, Grasim Industries, Kesoram Industries and Bihar Sponge Iron, appeared before the panel.
(Economic Times)
Indian iron ore exports in April to June dips y 40pct YoY

Departmental investigation has held 1989-batch IAS officer Mr Kripa Shankar Saroj and 1993 batch Punjab civil service officer Mr Amarpal Singh guilty in 2004 iron and ore scam of INR 17 crore.

Punjab’s Chief Secretary Mr Rakesh Singh has recommended strict action against the two officers for their involvement in the iron and ore scam.

In his letter written to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, the Chief Secretary has requested ‘major punishment’ to both the officers.

The two officers in their capacity as MD and AMD of Punjab Agro Food Grain Corporation and had issued orders to sell (without issuing tenders) iron ore worth INR 17 crore to Reliance Polycrete in 2004. The company had submitted fake documents in the PAFC as guarantee. Later in 2005, the company issued two cheques of INR 5 crore and INR 9 crore in favour of PAFC in 2005 which were bounced. The company defaulted payments against PAFC.
(steel guru)
Import of pulses, edible oil may rise this year: Thomas 
WITH the strong possibility of lower kharif acreage due to the deficient monsoon, the government is likely to go in for higher imports of pulses and edible oil this year, it is reported. 
Disclosing this in the Rajya Sabha, the Minister of State for Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Prof. K.V. Thomas, expressed the likelihood of lower acreage hampering production of pulses and oilseeds and elucidated that going in for more imports was the only way to match the supply-demand gap. He, however, added that the government had not yet made any specific estimation on import of pulses and edible oil in the current year. 
The current monsoon shortfall has reduced pulses acreage to 8.83 million hectares (mh) so far in the kharif season, compared to 9.97 mh in the same period of last year. Besides, the oilseeds sowing area shrunk to 16.42 mh (16.99 mh). 

Industry Updates on 08.09.2012

08 August, 2012
India aluminum export to rise 5pct – Vedanta

World Aluminium Market reported that India's aluminum exports could rise 5% in the current fiscal year to 325,000 tonnes despite a slowdown in global demand as falling prices have led rival global producers to cut production.

Declining aluminum prices have forced major players such as Alcoa and Norsk Hydro to cut output and have prompted China, the world's largest consumer of the metal and Japan to ramp up purchases.

Mr Mukesh Kumar president of Vedanta Aluminum Limited said that "Due to the sudden closure of some of the smelters in the USA, the export demand has slightly improved."

Vedanta Aluminum, a part of billionaire Mr Anil Agarwal controlled Vedanta Group produces about 40% of the South Asian nation's total output. India exported 310,000 tonnes of aluminum in 2011 to 2012.

Aluminum prices have fallen this year alongside other metals as the global economy has cooled. The benchmark 3 month LME aluminum contract on Friday, at USD 1,846.25 per tonne was down 22% from its year high in March.

Traders said that Indian aluminum exports to South Korea, Japan and China are currently priced at a premium of USD 223 per tonne to USD 230 per tonne above the LME benchmark, lower than the USD 240 to USD 260 premium from other countries.

Low costs and availability of better grades of inputs such as bauxite give Indian smelters an edge over other suppliers but bureaucratic and environmental delays have limited the availability of coal, a major fuel for aluminum production.

India produces around 1.6 million tonnes of aluminum and consumes about 1.3 million tonnes annually. Its domestic demand is poised to grow by 7 to 8 percent a year, led by its power transmission, construction and automobile sectors.
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Vedanta calls for India to restrict bauxite exports

Vedanta Aluminium has called on the government to restrict bauxite exports and allow more mines to ensure that India's domestic industry including Vedanta's own alumina refinery has sufficient supplies.

The company's refinery in Odisha has been operating at 70% of its capacity of one million tonnes of alumina production per year, because it cannot obtain its requirement of 10,000 tonnes of bauxite a day.

India, the world's fifth biggest bauxite producer has been limiting the issuance of bauxite leases mainly due to local protests over land acquisition. Eastern Odisha state has the largest reserve of the resource.

Vedanta Aluminium, part of London listed Vedanta Resources said that at this crucial junction, allowing bauxite exports at the cost of domestic industry by some of the state governments, when the domestic aluminium industry is suffering for want of bauxite, cannot be justified in the national interest.

The federal government should also make efforts to open new bauxite mines in eastern Odisha state and southern Andhra Pradesh which account for 2.5 billion tonnes of reserves.
(Steel Guru)
Have begun production from coal blocks : Reliace power ti inter Ministerial Group.
On day two of captive coal mines review by an inter-ministerial group (IMG), Reliance Power today said it has begun production ahead of schedule from its blocks Moher and Moher-Amlohri extension in Madhya Pradesh.

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 7th September, 2012


The Daily Fixture/Index List of 7th September, 2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 07/09/2012

BDI 669 (DOWN 6) BCI 1186 (No change) BPI 599 (DOWN 18)

BSI 832 (DOWN 5) BHSI 458 (UP 1)

Last published BDTI 631 (UP 3) BCTI 581 (UP 3)


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redel EC India $5000 daily + $50000 bb - cnr
'Clia' 2012 92500 dwt dely aps Surabaya 16/25 Sept trip redel
Malaysia $4500 daily + $55000 bb - Cargill
'Medi Lausanne' 2006 83002 dwt dely EC South America early Oct trip
redel Singapore-Japan $14000 daily + $400000 bb - Noble
'Giewont' 2010 79649 dwt dely aps Nopac 23/25 Sept trip redel
Singapore-Japan $6000 daily + $320000 bb - Toepfer
'Crown Star' 2002 76662 dwt dely CJK 8/12 Sept trip via China int
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Skaw-Passero $8000 daily + $200000 bb - cnr
'Maritime Legion' 2006 76302 dwt grab fitted dely Meizhou 7/10 Sept
2/3 laden legs redel India-Japan $7500 daily - Siva Bulk
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redel Singapore-Japan $3700 daily - Cargill
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Israel $8000 daily + $225000 bb - Windrose
'Great Bless' 1997 73251 dwt dely Hong Kong spot trip via Indonesia
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'Byron' 2003 51201 dwt dely Kandla spot trip via PG redel full India
$4500 daily - Siva Bulk
'Erlyn' 2010 50194 dwt dely dop Tuticorin early Sept trip via
Indonesia redel EC India $500 daily - Siva Bulk -


'AM Bremen' 2012 56000 dwt dely Tamano ex yard prompt 5/7 months
trading redel worldwide $9750 daily - Gearbulk


'Dong A Artemis' 2012 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 16/18 Sept approx
$7.25 fio scale/30000sc - FMG
'SwissMarine TBN' 170000/10 Saldanha Bay/Taranto 1/10 Oct approx
$6.75/85 fio 90000sc/40000sc - Ilva
'Stella Charlene' 2012 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 20/24 Sept approx
$7.20 fio scale/30000sc - Rio Tinto

Industry Updates on 4th September, 2012

4th September, 2012

Reliance power starts coal mining for sasan 4000 MW ultra mega power project.
Reliance Power has started producing coal at two mines attached to its 4,000-megawatts ultra mega power project at Sasan, Chief Executive JP Chalasani said on Monday.
Mining operations began at a time when the government is reviewing the progress of captive coal mines allocated to various companies. Blocks that have not met milestones for development face government penalties, which may include encashing of bank guarantees or cancellation. "Coal production has commenced ahead of schedule at Reliance Power's Moher and Moher-Amlohri Extension coal mine, part of the Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project," he told reporters, but did not comment on the Chhatrasal blocks, also linked to the Sasan project, the allocation of which the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) says must be reviewed.
"The investment in these coal mines will be around 5,000 crore which included investment in state-of-the-art mining equipment and technology. Over 70 lakh cu m of over burden (sand) was removed to start production of coal," Chalasani said.
In its recent report, CAG said permission to use excess coal from the three mines allocated to the Sasan unit for other projects vitiated the bidding process and led to undue benefit to Reliance Power. The company has strongly denied these allegations.
Analysts said shareholders may seek further clarity on the issue on Tuesday when they meet Anil Ambani at the annual meeting of shareholders. "These are interesting developments but investors would be more interested in getting a status report on various projects, detail of what exactly is happening on the ground and where is it that these projects are hitting road blocks," Arun Kejriwal, director of Kejriwal Research & Investment Services said.
(Economic Times)

Delay in green NOD to coal projects can impact economy: Panel
A Parliamentary committee has said delay in obtaining environmental clearance for coal projects has led to an "alarming situation" and it could impact the economy.

"The delay in obtaining environment clearances has led to an alarming situation...If the present scenario is allowed to continue, the production targets set for coal and lignite companies would come down drastically affecting the energy sector in particular and Indian economy at large," the Standing Committee on Coal and Steel said in a report tabled in Rajya Sabha today.

Production of coal has been seriously affected and it is "nation's loss," the panel said, strongly recommending that the forest clearance and environment clearance should be given as quickly as possible. As on date, there are a total of 178 forestry proposals that are awaiting clearances at various levels, including 125 that are awaiting stage 1 clearances and 53 which are awaiting stage II clearances, the government said in the report.

"At stage I level, the forest area involved is about 15,400 hectares and the projected production from the projects involved is about 128 million tonnes (MT) during 2011-12...An area of 14,000 hectare and a projected production of about 79 MT are involved at the stage II for 2011-12," it added.

Observing that "nothing concrete" has happened despite the Coal Ministry taking up the matter with the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and with different Ministries, including Power, Coal and Steel, besides the Planning Commission, it said Coal Ministry should make all efforts to make progress in the projects.

Noting that the concept of controversial "go" and "no go" classification which had affected 203 coal blocks has been done away by a ministerial panel it added, "Though the Committee are sanguine to note that the controversial concept of 'go and no go areas' for coal mining has been done away with but still much is needed to realise this objective.
(Economic Times)
Supreme court allows 18 Karnataka Iron ore mines to resume operations
The Supreme Court on Monday allowed 18 mines to resume mining in Karnataka, partially easing a 16-month old ban on iron ore mining due to environment concerns.
The move is expected to add five million tonnes of iron ore supply to steel companies, who have been starved of this crucial raw material for more than a year.
But the decision may not lift the industry out of its gloom as the so-called 18 'category A mines' in Karnataka's Chitradurga, Bellary and Tumkur districts can resume operations only after getting necessary government approvals, a process likely to take many months.
The SC banned mining in the state last year, acknowledging severe environmental damage due to large-scale illegal mining. During the course of the case, its panel on forest matters had divided the leases as per their involvement in illegality; Category A mines is those that have a clean chit.
The court's decision may, however, not pave way for iron ore exports immediately. Miners, equipped with far more stringent R&R (relief and rehabilitation) guidelines will also have to get all their regular clearances from the ministry of environment and forests, the Indian Bureau of Mines and the local pollution control board.
Mining in India has become controversial due to the operation of many illegal mines and the unhealthy manner of their operations. The Reddy brothers of Karnataka, who operated many mines in the state by remote control, were alleged by various investigative bodies to have flouted environmental and mining laws. Their name has become synonymous with corruption in the mining industry leading to the humiliating resignation of their patron and then Karnataka chief minister, BS Yeddyurappa last year.
In Karnataka, the Central Empowered Committee or CEC has also recommended cancellation of licences of as many as 49 iron ore miners, falling into category C. it has further suggested that they then be auctioned off. But the court is yet to decide the fate of these mines. It is also yet to clear those miners, who the CEC had recommended be fined for operating mining pits and burden dumps outside sanctioned areas. JSW Steel, an important stakeholder having a significant exposure in Karnataka declined to comment. "Our legal team is studying the verdict," the spokesperson said.