Advisory to Owners or Operators of Ocean-Going Vessels or Ships Visiting California Ports

Advisory to Owners or Operators of Ocean-Going Vessels or Ships Visiting California Ports

Upcoming Requirements in the Regulation for Fuel Sulfur and Other Operational Requirements for Ocean-Going Vessels within California Waters and 24 Nautical Miles of the California Baseline (California OGV Fuel Regulation)
The California OGV Fuel Regulation, which has been enforced since July 2009, provides significant air quality benefits by requiring ships to use cleaner, low sulfur marine distillate fuel in ship main engines, auxiliary engines, and boilers. The purpose of this advisory is to notify owners and operators of upcoming changes in the fuel sulfur requirements beginning August 1, 2012 and to remind operators that they must comply with both the California OGV Fuel Regulation and the North American Emission Control Area (ECA) requirements.
What are the upcoming changes in the maximum allowable fuel sulfur content requirements under the California OGV Fuel Regulation?
Beginning August 1, 2012 the maximum fuel sulfur (S) limit for marine gas oil (DMA) will decrease from 1.5% to 1.0% S. The maximum fuel S limit for marine diesel oil (DMB) will continue to be 0.5% S. These requirements are summarized in Table 1 and are enforced within the California OGV regulatory zone, which is 24 nm off the coast of California, including the islands as shown in Figure 1.

Do ships visiting California ports have to comply with both the California OGV Fuel Regulation and the ECA?
Yes. Ships must meet both the requirements of the California OGV Fuel Regulation and the ECA. Information on the ECA, which is scheduled to begin implementation on August 1, 2012, can be found at:

Information on the ECA boundary can be found at:
Why does California continue to enforce the California OGV Fuel Regulation when the ECA is also being implemented?
It is important for the California OGV Fuel Regulation to continue to be enforced until ECA implementation provides equivalent emission reductions. This is not expected to occur until 2015 when the ECA fuel sulfur limit is 0.1% S. This is because the ECA does not require the use of marine distillate fuels. Significantly more emission reductions are realized when ships use marine distillate fuel as opposed to heavy fuel oil. Because of this and due to the immediate need to improve air quality and public health in California, the California OGV Fuel Regulation will continue to be enforced.
How can I get more information?
This advisory is only a summary of the requirements and does not contain all the information that may be needed to comply with the regulation. The regulation can be found at:
Information on California’s OGV Fuel Regulation can be found at:
California’s Ocean-Going Vessel Regulation Contacts

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 13th July 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 13th July 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List 13/07/2012

BDI 1110 DOWN 11

BCI 1320 DOWN 32

BPI 1202 UP 15

BSI 1287 DOWN 7



'Ao Hong Ma' 2011 93291 dwt dely passing Gibraltar 11 July trip via
US Gulf
redel ARA $12750 daily - cnr -
'Myra' 2010 82100 dwt dely aps Recalada 20/25 July trip redel
daily + $300000 bb - Windrose
'Ranger' 2012 82100 dwt dely Zoushan spot trip via East Australia
redel Japan
$11000 daily - Daiichi
'Hong Dai' 2010 76573 dwt dely aps Orinoco 1/10 Aug trip redel China
daily + $700000 bb - cnr
'Atlantic Breeze' 2004 76267 dwt dely Bayuquan 16/18 July trip via
Singapore-Japan $8250 daily - Cargill
'Tina' 2000 75933 dwt dely Kwangyang 13/14 July trip via Australia
Singapore-Japan $9500 daily - cnr
'Good Luck' 2011 75019 dwt dely aps US Gulf 2/5 Aug trip redel
$17000 daily + $680000 bb - cnr
'Cos Intrepid' 2001 74060 dwt dely Xinsha 15/16 July trip via
Indonesia redel
China $8250 daily - cnr
'Maria v Livanos' 2011 57275 dwt dely Portbury 22/27 July trip via
redel Turkey $22000 daily - EMR
'SFL Humber' 2012 56970 dwt dely Xingang spot trip via SE Asia redel


13th July 2012

Western coal fields limited looking for new coal bloacks in other states: Sriprakash Jaiswal
Western Coalfieds Limited (WCL) is looking at expanding in other states to augment its resources, Union Minister for Coal, Sriprakash Jaiswal said here today. The Nagpur-headquartered WCL has limited scope for expansion and hence the government is exploring ways to expand its base by allocating new coal blocks, Jaiswal told a press conference here today.

Jaiswal was all praise for WCL saying that despite several odds, it was doing extremely well and and would meet its target during the current fiscal.

"I have asked the management and trade unions to make all out efforts to go beyond theier target and achieve more. We are hopeful that WCL does better than last year," Jaiswal, flanked by Minister of State for Coal Prateek Patil said.

On non-operation of coal blocks alloted to private parties and necessary action, Jaiswal said the process of show cause notices have begun and Ministry was examining why the private parties have not started the work.

On the alleged 'Coalgate' scam, Jaiswal dismissed allegations, saying that the CBI was investigating it and none will be spared. He said that the allotment of coal blocks to the private sector was not new but started in 1993 and continued by successive governments.
(Economic Times)

Iron ore giant Sesa Goa closing steel plants on iron ore shortage

India's largest exporter of iron ore Sesa Goa is planning to close down its pig iron and metallurgical coke plants at Amona in Bicholim taluka due to lack of supply of iron ore from within and outside Goa.