The Daily Fixture/Index List of 19th July 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 19th July 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List 19/07/2012

BDI 1053 DOWN 21

BCI 1276 DOWN 10

BPI 1183 DOWN 23

BSI 1212 DOWN 27



'Cape Star' 2010 176000 dwt dely Kwangyang 30/31 July trip via
Roberts Bank
redel South Korea approx $4750 daily - STX Pan Ocean
'Cape Sun' Cargill relet 1999 171746 dwt dely Rotterdam ppt trip via
redel Skaw-Cape Passero $5350 daily - EdF
'Magsenger 8' 2012 115455 dwt dely Recalada 10/15 Aug trip redel
$10000 daily + $350000 bb - Azure -
'Jo Jin Maru' 2012 98000 dwt dely Kinuura in d/c 19/21 July trip via
Newcastle redel S.Japan $9250 daily - Chubu
'Flora' 2011 82191 dwt dely Visakhapatnam 24/26 July trip via Brazil
Japan $11000 daily - Marubeni
'Jin Star' 2010 79386 dwt dely EC South America 5/10 Aug trip via PG
PMO $16000 daily + $600000 bb - cnr
'Lord Byron' 2005 76838 dwt dely Sakaide 19/21 July trip via NoPac
Singapore-Japan int sulphur $10250 daily - cnr -
'Lowlands Nello' NS United relet 2004 76830 dwt dely ex dry dock
July trip via Newcastle redel Taiwan $8000 daily - IMC
'Rosco Sandalwood' 2001 76801 dwt dely EC South America 30 July/3 Aug
redel China $15250 daily + $525000 bb - Pacific Bulk
'Vassos' 2004 76015 dwt dely EC South America 1/10 Aug trip via
Egypt redel
Cape Passero $10500 daily + $300000 bb - Alfred C.Toepfer
'Nikolaos' 2009 75500 dwt - $525000>
'Riruccia' 1997 74002 dwt dely ex drydock Nantong 1/8 Aug trip via
Australia redel EC India $8500 daily - Panacore
'Full Comfort' 1994 70181 dwt dely CJK 22/28 July trip via EC
Singapore-Japan $8500 daily - cnr
'Kastro' 2008 58780 dwt dely Maracaibo spot trip redel Continent
$22500 daily - Torm
'Genco Rhone' 2011 57981 dwt 13.5 on 33.5 dely Texas Gulf 25/28 July
redel Turkey intention pet coke $21000 daily - Noble
'Captain Harry' 2011 57266 dwt dely Kohsichang 21/24 July trip via
redel full India $8500 daily - Noble
'Frederike Selmer' 2012 56847 dwt dely Continent spot trip redel

Industry Updates 19.07.2012

19 July, 2012
Western coal fields limited looking for new coal bloacks in other states: Sriprakash Jaiswal
Western Coalfieds Limited (WCL) is looking at expanding in other states to augment its resources, Union Minister for Coal, Sriprakash Jaiswal said here today. The Nagpur-headquartered WCL has limited scope for expansion and hence the government is exploring ways to expand its base by allocating new coal blocks, Jaiswal told a press conference here today.

Jaiswal was all praise for WCL saying that despite several odds, it was doing extremely well and and would meet its target during the current fiscal.

"I have asked the management and trade unions to make all out efforts to go beyond theier target and achieve more. We are hopeful that WCL does better than last year," Jaiswal, flanked by Minister of State for Coal Prateek Patil said.

On non-operation of coal blocks alloted to private parties and necessary action, Jaiswal said the process of show cause notices have begun and Ministry was examining why the private parties have not started the work.

On the alleged 'Coalgate' scam, Jaiswal dismissed allegations, saying that the CBI was investigating it and none will be spared. He said that the allotment of coal blocks to the private sector was not new but started in 1993 and continued by successive governments.
(Economic Times)

Iron ore giant Sesa Goa closing steel plants on iron ore shortage

India's largest exporter of iron ore Sesa Goa is planning to close down its pig iron and metallurgical coke plants at Amona in Bicholim taluka due to lack of supply of iron ore from within and outside Goa.

Mr PK Mukherjee MD of Sesa Goa said “Due to lack of transportation of iron ore within Goa, our stocks at Amona are getting exhausted and closure of the plants is imminent.”

He said “For the last one year, the supply of iron ore from Karnataka has also become scarce and very costly due to closure of all mines in Karnataka as per a court order and stocks getting sold in E auction. Now the stoppage of transportation of ore from Codli, has hit us very badly. Sesa's plants are running since 1992 without stopping for a single day.”

The possible closure of the two plants will have implication on Sesa Goa's power plant which is based on gases from its blast furnace and met coke plant.
(Steel Guru)
Indian iron ore mining mess - Goa panel recommends cap on iron ore extraction

Committee of experts constituted by the Goa government has recommended a cap on extraction of iron ore in the coastal state to 20 million tonnes to 25 million tonnes which is almost half the existing exports.

The panel headed by renowned scientist Mr Raghunath Mashelkar in their Goa Vision 2035 report submitted to the state government yesterday has recommended the cap on mining should be between 20-25 million tonnes per year, exclusive of the mining dumps.

Mining dumps are low grade ore rejects which are piled up in the mining leases and outside it, and now become marketable because of its international demand.

The Goa Golden Jubilee Development Council which was formed last year, has suggested that the cap should be imposed from 2012-2017, to be reviewed thereafter, to reduce the ecosystem and social stress in the region due to mining activity.

The document, which was presented to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar yesterday, also speaks of appointing the high powered committee on the issue of mining, comprising experts from various fields, which can advise the government on how much the cap should be.

He said that "The HPC should advice on the cap after examining evolution of mining in Goa and identifying the stress that have existed from time to time due to enhanced mining.”

Goa, India's biggest iron ore exporting state, shipped 43.5 MT ore during the last fiscal, much less compared to the 54 MT exports in the earlier financial year. This is mainly because the mining industry is rigged with several illegalities and irregularities, which has put this trade in a tight spot.
(Steel Guru)
Pak to increase cement exports to India, reduces export price 
India can now get Pakistani cement at reduced rates as cement manufacturers in that country have decided to decrease export prices for India by 13 per cent due to appreciation of the dollar against the rupee. 
Pakistani cement manufacturers are keen on capturing the Indian market despite many hurdles in transportation and the strict certification norms of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), market sources said. 
Following the fall in the value of the Pakistani currency, cement manufacturers reduced prices by $9 per tonne and will be able to export to India at an average price of $60 per tonne as compared to $69 earlier. 
"Pakistan can export over one million tonnes of cement to India if BIS certification is allowed for 5 years and two train interchanges per day, besides development of another loop road network for transhipment at the Wagah border," market sources stressed.