The Daily Fixture/Index List of 1st August, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 1st August, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List 01/08/2012

BDI 878 DOWN 19

BCI 1181 DOWN 13

BPI 954 DOWN 28

BSI 1023 DOWN 9

BHSI 570 DOWN 10


'Medi Sentosa' 2008 83690 dwt dely US Gulf 20/30 Aug redel
$16000 daily + $550000 bb - Cargill
'Key Integrity' 2011 83375 dwt dely US Gulf 6/10 Aug trip redel Far
$16000 daily + $615000 bb - Cargill
'London 2012' 2007 82561 dwt dely Tyne in d/c 3/8 Aug trip via
Baltic redel
UKC $7500 daily - Oldendorff
'Maud' 1993 79915 dwt dely Hamburg spot trip via La Pallice & Yemen
Cape Passero int grain $10000 daily - Medmar
'Shou Shan' 2010 79775 dwt dely Zhoushan 5/10 Aug trip via Nantong
redel WC
India int ferts $7000 daily - Indian charterer
'Betis' 2010 79607 dwt dely Recalada 11/16 Aug trip redel Egyptian
Med $9000
daily + $287500 bb - Glencore
'Nord Luna' 2009 77171 dwt dely US Gulf 10/20 Aug trip redel
$16000 daily + $600000 bb - STX Pan Ocean
'Tian Du Feng' 2001 75201 dwt dely aps NoPac 9/15 August trip redel
grain $9000 daily + $410000 bb - Japanese charterer
'Tian Yang Feng' 2000 74027 dwt dely US Gulf 5/10 Aug trip redel Far
$16000 daily + $600000 bb - CosBulk -
'Hellenic Wind' 1997 73981 dwt dely Machong spot trip via Indonesia
redel EC
India $8000 daily - Flame
'Barito' 1996 73008 dwt dely Glasgow 4/9 Aug trip via Baltic & Saudi
redel Port Said $9825 daily - Louis Dreyfus
'Victoria 7' 2012 54000 dwt dely Lanshan spot trip via SE Asia redel
intention nickel ore $6500 daily - cnr
'Kang Hing' 2002 52828 dwt dely Singapore 2/4 August trip via

Guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports

Guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports

This notice aims to clarify some of the emerging
issues relating to the carriage requirements for
Electronic Chart Display and Information System
(ECDIS) and provide guidance to ships fitted with
ECDIS calling at Australian ports. Two flow charts
that address ECDIS related issues and which
will be used by AMSA’s Port State Control (PSC)
inspectors, are attached.
As mandatory carriage of ECDIS will be phased
in from 1 July 2012, ship operators and navigating
officers of ECDIS fitted ships are encouraged to
take this guidance into account.
1. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
(Form E)
Details of a ship’s navigational systems and
equipment are recorded in Section 3 of Form
E (Record of equipment - Cargo Ship Safety
Equipment Certificate). The means of complying
with SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 19 (i.e. paper
charts and/or ECDIS) needs to be indicated
on a ship’s Form E. If the ship uses ECDIS for
navigation, Form E must clearly state the back-up
arrangement in place. If a vessel requires flexibility
in using either paper charts or ECDIS as the means
of navigation, such an arrangement must be clearly
indicated on Form E. In such cases, both paper
charts and ECDIS must comply with SOLAS
2. Determining the means of navigation
When determining the means of navigation being
used, apart from an indication on Form E, AMSA’s
PSC inspectors look for evidence of planning and
presentation of the ship’s route for the completed
or intended voyage and, of plotting and monitoring
of the ship’s positions throughout the voyage. This
information is cross-checked by the PSC inspectors
against entries made in the ship’s deck log book.
3. Compliant ECDIS
As per SOLAS Chapter V Regulations 18 and
19, for a ship to rely on ECDIS for navigation, the
ECDIS installation must conform to the relevant
IMO Performance Standards (as specified in
Resolution A.817(19) (Performance Standards for
ECDIS), as amended by MSC.232(82)). When
ECDIS is being used for navigation, it must:
i) be type approved,
ii) be maintained to the latest applicable
International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
iii) use official Electronic Navigational Charts
(ENC), and
iv) have an adequate, independent back-up
3.1 Type approval of ECDIS
Type approval is the certification process that
ECDIS equipment must undergo before it can be
considered as complying with the IMO Performance
Standards for ECDIS. The process is conducted
by type approval organisations and marine
Classification Societies.
3.2 Maintenance of ECDIS software
An ECDIS that is not updated to the latest version
of IHO standards may not meet the chart carriage
requirement as set out in SOLAS Regulation
V/ IMO has issued SN.1/Circ 266/Rev.1
on the need to maintain ECDIS software. The
following link provides a list of the latest IHO
standards that apply to ECDIS equipment:
f 4

3.2.1 ECDIS Data Presentation and Performance
Check dataset
IHO has produced an ECDIS Data Presentation
and Performance Check dataset that allows
mariners to check some important aspects of the
operation of their ECDIS. This dataset

Industry Updates 01.08.2012

1st August, 2012
15 Coal India mines may get conditional green ministry nod

The ministry of environment and forest has given conditional approval to 15 mines operated by PSU coal miner Coal India Ltd. Sources said that in a meeting chaired by a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office, the MoEF agreed to give conditional approval which will unlock about 50 million tonnes of extra coal production by CIL. That, in turn, will give much relief to the coal hungry power companies.

However, sources add that the MoEF has refused to give approval to another 13 mines and has asked CIL to apply for environment clearance afresh.

One official, who did not want to be named and attended the PMO meeting, said that Coal India had requested that for existing projects going in for increase in production, the requirement of fresh environmental clearance should be dispersed with. However, the MoEF official present in the meeting stated that it would not be possible to grant environmental clearance automatically in such cases. CIL will have to apply for clearance as per the laid down procedure.

Another official told NDTV that MoEF told CIL that as per the procedure, fresh public hearing is required for expansion projects for which the earlier public hearing had taken place before 2006.

One Coal India official in condition of anonymity said that “the board (of CIL) on Tuesday will discuss the issues related to all the blocks which were discussed in the PMO meet and will expedite the process to get clearances”. He added that “all these blocks can give additional 50 million tonnes of thermal coal and that will be supplied to the power producers”.

Meanwhile, after discussion, sources say the PMO convinced the MoEF for conditional approval to 15 projects of Coal India. Biggest of them are Belpahar and Samleswari open cast mines under Mahanadi Coal Ltd in Orissa, which at present are producing 4.5 million tonnes and 5 million tonnes, respectively. The MoEF has agreed to give approval to increase the production in Belpahar and Samleswari by 2.5 million tonnes and 8.5 million tonnes, respectively, to 7.5 million tonnes and 13.5 million tonnes. Coal India has been asked to submit for fresh approval by September and MoEF has assured that approvals will be in place by December. Meanwhile, these two mines can increase the production by about 6.5 million tonnes.

Similarly, Lajkura mines again in Orissa can ramp up the production by 2.7 million tonnes (against the present production of 1 million tonnes). CIL has been asked to submit some clarification within one month and MoEF will clear the mines in another three to four months.

Other mines that got conditional approvals are Dipka, Kusmunda and Gevra open cast mines in Chhattisgarh for which the approval is expected in three-four months. The Mohanpur coal project in West Bengal, too, is expected to get MoEF clearance in next two to three months.

Out of 15 mines, four that may get clearances later include Bina and Krishnashila open cast mines in Madhya Pradesh. MoEF has asked CIL to submit the required baseline data to the State Pollution Control Board within one month to facilitate holding of public hearing. CIL was to keep PMO and MoEF informed about any delay in holding the public hearing.
(Steel Guru)
Goa exported iron ore worth INR 14768 crore in financial year 2011-12

State government has exported iron ore worth INR 14768 crore for the financial year 2011-2012. This includes direct exports or iron ore as well as penultimate sales which are also considered as exports for the purposes of Central Sales Tax Act, 1956.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that as per the budget estimates the total estimated royalty to be collected by the state during the year 2012-13 is INR 890 crore.

The state government has collected 28.38 crore Value Added Tax ( VAT) on local sale of iron ore and INR 83.01 crore is collected in form of Central Sales Taxes on inter-state sale of iron ore.

The revenue earned by way of income tax from mining sector for the year 2011-2012 is INR 1756 crores. Mr Parrikar in written reply in assembly said that "Central government also earn substantial revenue by taking exports duty@ 30% of ore price.”

Chief minister also said that the Goa State Pollution Control Board is carrying out ambient air quality monitoring at nine locations and water quality monitoring at 11 locations and take appropriate action on receipt of results.
(Steel Guru)
Corn exports may crest to record 3.5 mt in 2011-12 
SPURRED by higher global prices and a bumper harvest, corn shipments from India could crest to a record 3.5 million tonnes (mt) in the 2011-12 marketing year to September, the representative of a major US grains export association in India said recently. 
He pointed out that despite being the second-largest cultivator in Asia after China, India was not a significant global exporter and was mainly selling corn to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam which generally seek small cargoes for prompt delivery. 
The country exported about 3.2 mt of corn in 2010-11 and harvested 21.6 mt in the 2011-12 crop year ended June, slightly lower than the record 21.7 mt of the earlier year.
While pointing out that Indian traders had exported nearly 3.1 mt till date, the representative of the US Grains Council (USGC) stressed that the country could easily ship another 400,000 tonnes in the next two months.
(Exim India)
GAIL to commission Dabhol LNG terminal by November – Chairman

State run gas utility GAIL India Ltd will commission its LNG terminal in Dabhol on the Indian west coast, in October or November. Mr BC Tripathi chairman said that the terminal will operate initially at about 2.5 million tonnes a year, half of its installed capacity.

With gas demand expected to grow at 14% in the next five years, Asia's third-largest economy is scouting for long term LNG contracts, and aims to increase its LNG handling capacity to 50 million tonnes a year by 2017 from 13.5 million tonnes now. Mr Tripathi said GAIL will soon conclude a two-to-three-year deal to buy liquefied natural gas.

He added that "The volume would be almost a million tonne (per year)." He also said the state run utility hopes to finalize USD 450 million in foreign loans in a month's time.
(Steel Guru)
JSW Jaigarh Port all set to handle containers 
After successfully handling bulk and break-bulk cargo such as coal, limestone, bauxite, coated pipes, sugar and iron ore, and liquid cargo such as molasses, JSW Jai-garh Port plans to commence containerised shipping operations in August. This will ensure competitiveness for sugar mills, engineering industries, agro and food processing industries, seafood exports, and textile and allied machinery in the international markets, stressed an official communiqué. 
Strategically located between Mumbai and Goa, JSW Jaigarh Port is aggressively and ambitiously gearing up to become the most preferred gateway for the largest cargo generating regions of Central Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka.