The Daily Fixture/Index List of 2nd August, 2012


The Daily Fixture/Index List of 2nd August, 2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 02/08/2012

BDI 861 (DOWN 17) BCI 1178 (DOWN 3) BPI 931 (DOWN 23)

BSI 1010 (DOWN 13) BHSI 558 (DOWN 12)

Last published BDTI 638 (DOWN 4) BCTI 579 (No change)


'Nadine Venture' 2011 93758 dwt dely Antwerp 10/15 Aug trip via
Baltic & Israel redel Cape Passero $9000 daily - Atlantic Coal & Bulk
'AOM Aphrodite' 2011 91827 dwt dely Skaw 10/15 Aug trip via EC South
America redel Skaw-Cape Passero $9000 daily - Bunge
'Blumenau' 2010 82000 dwt dely Brazil 20/25 Aug trip redel Malaysia
$15000 daily + $550000 bb - HMM
'Margreth Pissarek' 2012 81349 dwt dely aps Indonesia 15/20 Aug
redel Malaysia $6000 daily + $120000 bb - Noble
'Melia' 2005 76150 dwt dely Beihai ppt trip via Indonesia redel
India $6250 daily - Siva Bulk
'Ocean Life' 2003 75318 dwt dely EC South America 21/28 Aug trip
redel Singapore-Japan $15250 daily + $525000 bb - Raffles
'Esna' 1998 71598 dwt dely aps EC South America 20-25 Aug trip redel
Singapore-Japan $14500 daily + $500000 bb - cnr
'Aquapride' 2012 61000 dwt dely aps Nopac mid August trip redel
Philippines approx $8750 daily + approx $350000 bb - Norden

'Vishva Prerna' 2011 57163 dwt dely CJK 5/8 August trip via
Indonesia redel full India $6500 daily - Siva Bulk
'Santa Rita' 2010 55677 dwt dely Tampa 8/12 August trip redel Brazil
$9750 daily - Louis Dreyfus
'Cos Prosperity' 2006 55676 dwt dely USGulf early August trip redel
Singapore-Japan $19750 daily - Norden
'Eraclea' 2010 55303 dwt dely South Africa mid August trip redel
Singapore-Japan $8000 + $200000 bb - Oldendorff
'Novo Mesto' 2005 53626 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel Thailand $8000 daily - cnr
'Tai Harvest' 2002 51008 dwt dely South Africa early August trip
redel Singapore-Japan $8000 daily + $250000 bb - Oldendorff
'CMB Mistral' 2009 29130 dwt dely South Africa spot trip redel
Mediterranean $7000 daily - cnr
'Wave Friend' 2010 28325 dwt dely Corpus Christi 5/10 Aug trip redel
Iceland $11500 daily - J Lauritzen


'Nymphe' 2009 180018 dwt dely Qingdao 14/16 Aug 10/13 months trading
redel worldwide $9750 daily - Classic Maritime
'Rio Montevideo' 2012 180000 dwt dely N.China spot I years trading
redel worldwide $9000 daily - Cargill

AMSA Updated Guidance on ECDIS for Ships Calling at Australian Ports

AMSA Updated Guidance on ECDIS for Ships Calling at Australian Ports

Guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports

This notice aims to clarify some of the emerging
issues relating to the carriage requirements for
Electronic Chart Display and Information System
(ECDIS) and to provide guidance for ECDIS-fitted
ships calling at Australian ports.
As the mandatory carriage of ECDIS will be phased in
from 1 July 2012 onwards1, ship operators, masters
and navigating officers of ECDIS-fitted ships are
encouraged to take this guidance into account.
Two flow charts that address ECDIS-related issues
and which will be used by AMSA’s Port State Control
(PSC) inspectors, are attached.
1. Safety Certificates under SOLAS
Details of a ship’s navigational systems and
equipment are recorded in the “Record of Equipment”
attached to the relevant safety certificate under
SOLAS, including:
• Passenger Ship Safety Certificate - Form P
• Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate - Form E
• Cargo Ship Safety Certificate - Form C
The means of complying with SOLAS Chapter V
Regulation 19 needs to be indicated (i.e. paper
charts and/or ECDIS) in the relevant form containing
the ship’s “Record of Equipment”. If a ship uses
ECDIS for navigation, the “Record of Equipment”
must clearly state the back-up arrangement in place.
Additionally, if a ship requires flexibility in using either
paper charts or ECDIS as the means of navigation,
such an arrangement must be clearly indicated in the
ship’s “Record of Equipment”. In such cases, both
paper charts and ECDIS must comply with SOLAS
Marine Notice 11/2012
Supersedes 15/2010 and 7/2012
2. Determining the means of navigation
In determining the means of navigation being
used, apart from considering the relevant form
containing the ship’s “Record of Equipment”,
AMSA’s PSC inspectors will look for evidence
of planning and presentation of the ship’s route
for the completed (or intended) voyage and of
plotting and monitoring of the ship’s positions
throughout the voyage. This information may
be cross-checked by the PSC inspectors against
entries made in the ship’s official documents such
as the deck log book and manoeuvring book.
3. Compliant ECDIS
As per SOLAS Chapter V Regulations 18 and
19, for a ship to rely on ECDIS for navigation, the
ECDIS equipment must conform to the relevant
IMO Performance Standards. ECDIS units on
board are required to comply with one of two
performance standards (either IMO Resolution
A.817(19) or MSC.232(82)), depending on the
date of their installations.
Where ECDIS is being used for navigation, it
i) be type-approved;
ii) be maintained to the latest applicable
International Hydrographic Organization
(IHO) standards;
iii) use official and up to date electronic charts;
iv) have an adequate, independent back-up
1Depending on ship type, size and construction date, as required by SOLAS regulation V/19.2.10