The Daily Fixture/Index List of 9th August, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 9th August, 2012


Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 09/08/2012

BDI 790 (DOWN 22) BCI 1192 (DOWN 12) BPI 823 (DOWN 17)

BSI 906 (DOWN 40) BHSI 535 (DOWN 3)

Last published BDTI 615 (DOWN 4) BCTI 580 (UP 1)


'Dione' 2009 180132 dwt dely Rotterdam 15/20 Aug trip via Trinidad &
PG redel Cape Passero $10000 - Oldendorff
'Orient Crusader' Norden relet 2010 114681 dwt dely Santos 20/25 Aug
trip redel Continent $8000 daily + $175000 bb - Cargill
'Maritime King' 2011 95790 dwt dely Hamburg 12/17 Aug trip via Tees
redel Thailand int steel slabs $18250 daily - SVS
'David Schulte' Perseveranza relet 2010 93039 dwt dely Port Hedland
20/25 Aug trip redel China $7000 daily + $180000 bb - Sinochart
'POS Tuerkis' 2012 92779 dwt dely EC Australia 23/27 Aug trip redel
China $5000 daily + $300000 bb - Sino East
'Alam Permai' 2005 87052 dwt dely Richards Bay 16/21 Aug trip redel
Malaysia $8250 daily + $300000 bb - Yangtze Navigation
'Glorious Wind' 2010 83410 dwt dely Kamsar 24/29 Aug trip redel
Aughinish $6000 daily + $175000 bb - Aquavita
'Rosco Palm' 2011 82153 dwt dely US Gulf ely Sept trip redel
Singapore-Japan $15750 daily + $575000 bb - Oldendorff
'King Hadley' 2011 79642 dwt dely Hamburg 10/15 Aug trip via
Murmansk redel N.Spain $6000 daily - K2 Shipping
'Pina Cafiero' 2002 75688 dwt dely aps Indonesia ppt redel South
Korea $7000 daily + $120000 bb - cnr
'Alpha Flame' 1999 74545 dwt dely aps NoPac 23/31 Aug trip redel
Singapore-Japan $7500 daily + $320000 bb - Sinochart
'Aspendos' 2003 74380 dwt dely aps EC South America 6/8 Sept trip
redel Singapore-Japan $14000 daily + $400000 bb - Chinese charterer
'Marietta' 2004 73880 dwt dely US Gulf 22/24 Aug trip redel
Singapore-Japan $15000 daily + $500000 bb - MOSK
'Deng Zhou Hai' 1995 69952 dwt dely aps Kamsar 15//25 Aug 2/3 laden
legs 1st Kamsar/Point Comfort redel Skaw-Cape Passero $6000 daily +
$130000 bb - Practica
'Kastro' 2008 58780 dwt dely Continent mid August trip redel E Med
intention scrap approx $17500 daily - SAM
'Spar Capella' 2011 57981 dwt dely dop Tuticorin spot trip via
Indonesia redel India $6250 daily - ISL Dubai
'Grebe Bulker' 2010 57809 dwt dely South Africa spot trip redel West
Africa $6000 daily - Greig Star
'Emerald' 2010 56868 dwt dely Santos mid August trip redel West
Africa $10000 daily - Oldendorff
'E.R.Brighton' 2010 55783 dwt dely USGulf prompt trip redel NW
France intention pet coke $9500 daily - Noble


'Jag Arjun' 1996 160000/10 Saldanha/Qingdao 27/30 Aug $12.50 fio
scale/30000shinc - Kumba
'Tom Selmer' 2011 160000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 1/20 Oct $18.75 fio
scale/30000shinc - Oldendorff

Industry Updates 9th August,2012

Indian copper futures decline on overseas trend

Indian copper futures prices fell by 0.20% to INR 418.80 per kilogram as traders reduced their positions, taking weak cues from global markets.

At the Multi Commodity Exchange, copper for delivery in November lost 85 paise or 0.20% to INR 418.80 per kilogram with a trading volume of 76 lots. The metal for delivery in August also fell by 75 paise or 0.18% to trade at INR 412.90 per kilogram with a trading volume of 687 lots.

Analysts said that the fall in copper futures prices was due to a weakening trend in overseas markets. Meanwhile, for three month copper dropped as much as 2.2% to USD 7,434 per tonne at the London Metal Exchange.
(Steel Guru)
Mormugao port causing Vasco coal dust pollution

Goa's environment minister Alina Saldanha said the Mormugao Port Trust was responsible for the coal dust pollution in the port city of Vasco, 35 km from here.

Ms Saldanha told the state assembly that "MPT has behaved irresponsibly and not adhered to conditions by the GSPCB (Goa State Pollution Control Board) and High Court and has repeatedly not fulfilled the directions issued.”

She said that black soot rising from handling of coal at the port's hoarding berth was layering the town.

She said that "I will visit the site along with a team after the monsoon and examine the issue thoroughly adding that air pollution monitoring stations set up by the GSPCB in the town were showing high levels of dust and particulate matter.”

Ms Saldanha said that "As a short term measure, the GSPCB shall ensure maintaining of the coal stack height, water sprinkling of the coal, till such time a closed shed is built at berth 11, referring to MPT's promise to build a closed shed for handling coal.”

The issue of coal dust pollution has long been an issue. Several residents have even approached the High Court seeking relief.
(Steel Guru)

NTPC to drive surge in coal imports into India

Thermal coal imports into India are projected to climb to 80 million tonnes to 85 million tonnes this in 2012-13, a jump of 60% over the 50 million tonnes in 2011-12 as power producers, chiefly NTPC, seek to overcome domestic supply woes.

NTPC, the largest power generation utility, is set to account for a fifth of the total projected steam coal import for 2012-13. The Maharatna company plans to import 16 million tonnes, which is 33% higher than the 12 million tonnes imported in 2011-12.

As per report, NTPC has already placed orders for 4 million tonnes and a couple of tenders are in the pipeline

Mr Ganesan Natarajan president & CEO of Ennore Coke told BS that “The deficit in thermal coal is widening as indigenous supplies are uncertain. CIL is tweaking FSA rules and no power company in the country is having adequate coal inventory. In this situation, steam coal imports are only going to spike. In my opinion, steam or thermal coal imports by India will be in the range of 80 million tonne to 85 million tonne in 2012-13 compared to 48 million tonne to 50 million tonne in the year ago fiscal.”
(Steel Guru)
CIL agrees to 40 per cent penalty for shortfall in supply to power companies
 State miner Coal India agreed on Tuesday to pay penalties for failing to provide sufficient supplies to new Indian power projects that range from 1.5 to 40 percent of a shortfall, depending on the level of default.

It also agreed to pool the prices of imported coal with domestic supplies but said a final decision on this issue would be taken by the Central Electricity Authority. Such a pricing system would work only if all domestic consumers are willing to accept the resulting higher price, the company said.

"We have no objection to pooling of prices if it is acceptable to all stakeholders," Coal India Chairman S Narsing Rao told reporters after a board meeting.

The move to fix penalties follows the company's agreement last week to supply a minimum of 80 percent of the coal needed for new power projects, bowing to a condition set by the government, and paves the way for it to sign a fuel supply pact for 48 projects.

Coal India had stipulated that it may use a mix of up to 15 percent imported coal versus 65 percent domestic.






Mining in Goa is synonymous with iron ore mining. Exploration for Iron ore started at the beginning of the 20th Century and commercial mining resumed in 1947 which marks the beginning of modern day mining and export of iron ore. The Goan economy is heavily dependent on the iron ore industry in so far as the major share of the regional income from the mineral industry and its allied activities like transport and trade is concerned.
However, in the past five years, due to huge spurt in demand of low grade ore in international market followed by the most corrupt regulatory regime of the previous government, the state has witnessed the peak of chaotic and unregulated mining without any concern for fragile ecology and environment of the state or for the general well being of an average Goan. It has resulted in massive export of unaccounted ore from unidentified sources like dumps and tailings. The reckless exploitation without any concern for sustainability that the state has witnessed in last five years has serious implication. Minerals are a finite and non-renewable natural resource and must be exploited wisely in the larger interest of the State.
It is high time that the new government that has received an unprecedented mandate from the people of Goa should take note that dependence on mining presents extreme externalities and the state has to tread cautiously promoting a sustainable extraction regime to facilitate systematic, scientific and planned utilization of mineral resources and to streamline mineral based development of the State, keeping in view, protection of environment, health and safety of the people in and around the mining areas rather than race to bottom. Hence this policy, hereunto called the Goa Mineral Policy 2012.

1.1. The basic objectives of the Mining Policy for major minerals are as under: -
1.1.1. To develop and exploit mineral resources in a scientific and sustainable manner, taking into account the interest of the State, People and Environment.
1.1.2. To facilitate exploration work for accurate reserve estimation of the mineral deposits.
1.1.3. To review the existing practice of random exploitation of mineral
resources and to regulate the same.
1.1.4. To carry out geological mapping of mineral resources.
1.1.5. To promote necessary linkages between mining and mineral industry .
1.1.6 To regulate investment in mining and generate employment for local population.
1.1.7. To promote research and development activities in major mineral sector.
1.1.8. To ensure establishment of appropriate training facility for human resource development to meet the man power requirement of the major mineral industry.
1.1.9. To minimize adverse effect of major mineral development on the environment and ecology through appropriate preventive and control measures.