The Daily Fixture/Index List of 24th August, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 24th August, 2012

FIXTURES - 24/AUG/2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 24/08/2012

BDI 717 (UP 2) BCI 1124 (UP 21) BPI 828 (DOWN 12)

BSI 853 (UP 8) BHSI 474 (DOWN 3)

Last published BDTI 617 (No change) BCTI 578 (No change)


'C. Triumph' 1999 169883 dwt dely aps Yuzhnyy ppt trip redel China
via gulf of Aden $27000 daily - Richstone
'Tosa Sea' 2010 92500 dwt dely aps Samarinda 4/13 Sept trip redel
Taiwan $6500 daily + $110000 bb - SW Shipping
'Iolcos Legacy' 2010 87300 dwt dely Recalada 23/27 Sept trip redel
China south of Xiamen 15500 daily + $550000 bb - Louis Dreyfus
'STX Clover' 2012 81177 dwt dely Paranagua 10/15 Sept redel
Singapore-Japan $14350 daily + $450000 bb - CJ International
'Marichristina' 2001 74450 dwt dely Amsterdam spot 2 laden legs 1st
Baltic/US Gulf int pigiron redel Skaw-Cape Passero $8000 daily - K2
'East Bravery' 2001 74117 dwt dely Brake 28 Aug/2 Sept trp via
Baltic & Jeddah redel Cape Passero $9250 daily - Alfred C.Toepfer
'Great Jade' 1997 73192 dwt - $255000>
'Bulk Colombia' 2011 57937 dwt dely Singapore end August trip via
Indonesia redel Thailand $6500 daily - Klaveness
'Grigorpan' 2002 53733 dwt dely Singapore 25/26 August trip via
Indonesia redel Thailand $6000 daily - Klaveness
'Ocean Chie' 2003 52370 dwt dely USGulf spot trip redel Greece
intention pet coke approx $12250 daily - Oldendorff
'Good Trade' 2012 52226 dwt dely aps Mina Saqr 25/30 August trip
redel PG/WC India $10500 daily - Siva Bulk
'Robert Schulte' 1997 48225 dwt dely US Atlantic spot trip redel
Continent intention woodpellets approx $11000 daily - Pacbasin
'Emerald' 1998 45585 dwt dely aps Long Beach 23/27 August trip redel
Singapore-Japan intention scrap $7250 daily + $250000 bb - Grace
Trading -


'Pontotriton' 2007 177947 dwt dely Shanghai in d/c ppt 4/7 months
trading redel worldwide $8000 daily - SwissMarine


'Pacific Endurance' 2011 160000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 10/17 Sept
$6.65 fio scale/30000shinc - GMI
'Spring Warbler' 2012 59000/10 bauxite Kamsar/San Ciprian 2/8 Sept
$10.25 fio 24000shinc/15000shinc - Cobelfret


'TBN' 150000/10 Puerto Drummond/Rotterdam 10/20 Sept $8.60 fio
25000shinc bends - Resource Marine

Industry Updates on 24th August,2012

Jairam Ramesh calls for freeze on fresh mining in worst Naxal – affected regions
Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has pitched for a moratorium on new mining projects in the worst Naxal-affected regions and particularly in areas recently recaptured from insurgents, saying it was essential to quell the Maoist problem wreaking havoc across much of India's hinterland. Tribal affairs minister Kishore Chandra Deo had earlier made this suggestion. In comments certain to draw the ire of industry, parts of which already view him as anti-development, Ramesh also said mining was part of the problem, and called it one of the key issues contributing to the Maoist stranglehold over mineral-rich forest areas.

"There should be a 10-year moratorium on new mining in the worst Naxal-affected areas, particularly those areas which have recently been liberated from Maoist control and where we need to re-establish the presence of the state, improve governance and ensure that Maoists don't regain the foothold," he told ET in an interview.

Ramesh said that mining as it has been and is being undertaken was "neither ecologically sensitive nor socially inclusive". He said it had aided Maoists gain control over large swathes of central India's tribal belt, as he argued that it was essential to address issues arising from mining activities if the state is to consolidate and re-establish its presence in the Naxal-affected areas.

A moratorium on mining, Ramesh said, will buy the central and state governments time to first provide the basics in tribal areas and then help equip the local population to be able to participate in economic activities such as mining.

"What we need to do is build up the skill set of the local population, improve governance, and train the local people so that they are in a better position to participate in this economic activity," he explained.

"If you have a free for all for mining in these areas, given that our track record in mining has been so disastrous, what you will have in the initial years will be that all the jobs (skilled and semi-skilled) go to outsiders and the menial jobs will be done by the locals."

Such a situation would over time breed resentment among the locals and end up becoming a recruiting sergeant for the Naxal cause, he added. Limiting mining activity would also help cut off a key funding source for the Maoists, whom Ramesh described as being fuelled by "levy and not ideology".

"The moment you expand mining activities you will find a proliferation of groups operating under the garb of Maoist ideology, but who are basically extortionists," he said.

With his stance on mining, Ramesh is potentially placing himself once again in the firing line of detractors who blame him for a lot of the country's present economic problems.

In his previous job as environment minister, Ramesh pushed a policy demarcating forests as 'go and no-go' areas for mining, a move that made him a lightning rod of criticism both within and outside the government.

Other ministers and some in industry circles have blamed him and his policy for raw material shortages and resultantly a sharp drop in economic growth rates.
(Economic Times)

Indian coal mining scam - CBI may register multiple FIRs in coal scam

The CBI is likely to register more than one FIRs in the alleged irregularities in allocation of coal blocks after it came across several cases of violation of norms by state government officials and allottees. CBI sources said that the agency has already questioned senior bureaucrats who were overseeing allocation of coal blocks during 2006-09. Meanwhile, the agency is also taking into cognisance the Comptroller and Auditor General report on alleged coal block scam which was tabled in Parliament on Friday.

The sources, however, made it clear that CBI would not be going into policy issues but will limit its role to aspects where criminality could be established.

The agency has also questioned members of screening committee including Secretaries and Joint Secretary in the Ministry, CBI sources said.

They said the questioning of the Coal Secretaries, who also chair the screening committee, was done to understand the issues involved in the allocation of coal blocks during the period and so far agency has not found any irregularity on their part.

They said that the agency has shortlisted nearly 15 companies which allegedly violated norms of allotment of coal blocks and questioning of their officials is going on.

The agency has registered the Preliminary Enquiry, which is the first step of initiating the CBI probe, against unknown persons in connection with a complaint referred to it by the Central Vigilance Commission.

Allocation of coal blocks is done through an inter-ministerial inter-governmental body called the Screening Committee chaired by coal secretary.

It includes the secretaries of nine ministries having interests in coal, besides heads of various PSUs, and chief secretaries of coal-supplying states.
(Steel guru)
GVK gets final green NOD for Australian coal project
In a major relief to India's GVK group and Australia's Hancock Prospecting, the Australian federal government on Thursday granted final environmental approvals to the GVK-Hancock joint venture's A$10b Alpha coal and rail project in Queensland state.