INDUSTRY UPDATES On 5th October,2012

On 5th October,2012
Indian demand for Indonesian lower cv thermal coal gathers steam
Indian demand for lower calorific value Indonesian thermal coal has picked up in recent days as evidenced by tight supply of October-loading cargoes, traders said.
Cargoes of low-rank thermal coal have been hard to come by, especially between 3,800-4,000 kcal/kg GAR, an Indonesia-based trader said, adding that 3,600 kcal/kg GAR and 4,200 kcal/kg GAR were, however, readily available for loading in October.
A second Indonesia-based trader said a South Kalimantan miner with a monthly production of about 100,000 mt could supply 3,800 kcal/kg GAR coal only in late November or early December as it had placed all its October cargoes.
Although demand from India for Indonesian thermal coal remains strong, Indian buyers are awaiting better deals in the absence of Chinese market players this week even as Indonesian miners are opting to wait and watch, sources said.
"Indian buyers are expecting a correction [for Indonesian thermal prices] in the near term, so not much of buying is happening," an India-based trader source said.
The first Indonesia-based trader source said prices for lower calorific value coal had already hit the bottom, with little room for further price falls, but higher cv coal prices remained under pressure.
"Since the last two to three days, sentiment has worsened and we can expect prices to fall further for higher cv coal," he said.
Currently Indian buying interest for 5,000 kcal/kg GAR coal remains around $55/mt FOB, but "we might be able to get it at $54/mt FOB next week," this trader said.
However, offers from Indonesian miners remained steady at $57-58/mt FOB for 5,000 kcal/kg GAR coal, sources said.
Platts assessed the daily 90-day price of FOB Kalimantan 5,000 kcal/kg GAR at $55.70/mt, unchanged from Wednesday.
Bids and offers for 4,200 kcal/kg GAR coal for loading in the next 7-45 days were also reported stable at $37-38/mt and $40-41/mt FOB, respectively.
Platts assessed the daily FOB Kalimantan 4,200 kcal/kg GAR coal for loading in the next 7-45 days, October 10-November 17, at $39/mt, unchanged on-day.
The retail market in India for Indonesian thermal coal has picked up this year, especially in Kandla and Mundra ports on the west coast of India and Paradip port on the east coast, a second India-based trader said.
India had imported nearly 25 million mt of coal for retail business in fiscal 2011, while it is expected to touch 40 million mt this year, he said.
With China remaining on the sidelines amid strong hydropower and high stockpiles, Indians are trying to take advantage of a buyer's market, sources said.
The second India-based trader, however, said requirement for coal in India was high currently and he expected some deals to be finalized in the near term.
"Either the seller or the buyer has to kneel soon as there is an urgent requirement of coal [in India]," he said, adding that he expects spot buying to pick up as early as next week.
However, the thermal coal market remains oversupplied, with several US cargoes being offered into Asia-Pacific markets, sources said, with higher calorific value 6,000 kcal/kg GAR US coal being offered into India at $85-87/mt CFR.
"If you are looking at higher cv coal, then there is Australia and Richards Bay [in South Africa] also which are of higher quality compared with Indonesian coal," the first India-based source said.
Offers for Indonesian 5,900 kcal/kg GAR coal were reported between $73 and 75/mt FOB, without corresponding bids on Thursday.
Platts assessed the daily 90-day price of FOB Kalimantan 5,900 kcal/kg GAR at $72.40/mt, unchanged on the day.
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Coal India seeks nod to import coal on cost plus basis under new FSA
State-owned miner Coal India has sought permission to import coal for its consumers on a cost-plus basis under the new fuel supply agreement (FSA), but not everyone is willing to buy imported coal from CILBSE 1.15 % at a price they are quoting.

The largest consumer NTPCBSE -0.32 % said it would buy the coal if it was cheaper than its current imports.

Cost-plus refers to supplying coal at a cost at which it is available in the international market, including additional charges like freight, other costs and statutory charges as well as a 2 per cent administrative charge by CIL. "We will use state agencies like MMTCBSE -0.33 % and STC for importing coal on behalf of our consumers," said Coal India chairman S Narsing Rao.

"We are ready to take imported coal from Coal India if they can supply at a price which is lower than our current cost of imports. We used to import through state agencies but subsequently decided to import on our own. This resulted in a cost savings of 20 per cent on imports," explained NTPC chairman Arup Roy Choudhury.

If CIL imports coal through state agencies, it may not be able to offer a cheaper rate to NTPC, which may prompt the largest power producer to opt out.

According to estimates, CIL will have to import around 18-19 million tonnes to meet its import obligations if all its 50-odd consumers, who are to sign the FSA, agree. NTPC will be consuming half this amount, but if it opts out, CIL may be importing only about 9-10 million tonnes.

Consumers will also have to pay in advance for imported coal which may be difficult for power plants run by state governments because many of them are running losses and may not be able to pay in advance.

However, if consumers opt out of imported coal, its supply will be reduced to 65 per cent in the first year from 80 per cent which is the trigger level. According to the new FSA, consumers will be offered 15 per cent of imported coal. It has also been assumed that 1 tonne of imported coal will be considered equivalent to 1.5 tonnes of domestic coal.

"This means that if a consumer's annual contracted quantity is 100 tonnes, he is eligible to receive 80 tonnes of domestic coal, including 15t of imports. If it opts for imported coal, it will only be given 10 tonnes," a senior CIL official said.
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Mining Irregularity probe worries miners in Goa
The Goa government's decision to probe irregularities pointed out by a Centre-appointed panel in iron ore mining has left miners worried.

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 5th October, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 5th October, 2012


Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 05/10/2012

BDI 875 (UP 30) BCI 1932 (UP 59) BPI 598 (UP 54)

BSI 795 (DOWN 7) BHSI 444 (DOWN 1)

Last published BDTI 664 (UP 4) BCTI 628 (DOWN 1)


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Australia redel China $11800 daily - Integris
'Nanaumi' 2008 93948 dwt dely aps Nopac 20/30 Oct trip redel
Singapore-Japan $5500 daily + $330000 bb - Ultrabulk
'Iolcos Ambition' 2012 87375 dwt dely aps Lyttelton 25/30 Oct trip
redel China $6150 daily + $380000 bb - Cargill -
'Prabhu Yuvika' 2004 76310 dwt dely Bayuquan spot trip via EC
Australia redel India $4250 daily - cnr -
'Alpha Flame' 1000 74545 dwt dely aps NoPac 25/30 Oct trip redel
Singapore-Japan $6000 daily + $310000 bb - Cargill
'Yuan Hui Hai' 2006 74259 dwt dely aps USEC 12/20 Oct trip redel
Black Sea $6000 daily + $140000 bb - Aquavita
'Celerina' 1999 73035 dwt dely Dongguan 10 Oct trip via Australia
about 30 days redel Japan $5500 daily - cnr
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Gulf redel Singapore-Japan $13000 daily - Hanjin
'Jay' 2010 57809 dwt dely CJK spot trip via Indonesia redel EC India
$7000 daily - ISL Dubai
'Yuanning Sea' 2004 55500 dwt dely South Africa spot trip redel
Continent approx $5750 daily - IVS
'Tubarao' 2007 53352 dwt dely Dangjin 10/12 October trip redel WC
India intention steels $9750 - Asan


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10/14 months trading redel worldwide $12000 daily - Classic Maritime -

'Hellenic Wind' 1997 73981 dwt dely Guangzhou 8/12 Oct 5/7 months
trading redel worldwide $7350 daily - Hudson


'Savina' 2011 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 17/22 Oct $8.80 fio
scale/30000sc - Rio Tinto
'TBN' 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 15/20 Oct $8.45 fio scale/30000sc -