The Daily Fixture/Index List of 29th October, 2012.

FIXTURES - 29/OCT/2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 29th October, 2012.

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 29/10/2012

BDI 1048 (DOWN 1) BCI 2460 (UP 9) BPI 799 (DOWN 5)

BSI 693 (DOWN 6) BHSI 432 (DOWN 2)

Last published BDTI 678 (DOWN 3) BCTI 658 (DOWN 2)


'Alpha Faith' 2008 178104 dwt dely Tarragona 7/10 Nov trip via
Trinidad redel China $32000 daily - Oldendorff - 25/10>
'Mineral Stonehenge' J.Aron relet 2010 175713 dwt dely El Ferrol spot
transtlantic round redel Skaw-Passero $13500 daily - Oldendorff
'Alcmene' 2010 93192 dwt dely Zhoushan 26 Oct/6 Nov trip via Hay
Point redel India $6500 daily - Oldendorff
'Danae' 2005 75348 dwt dely Yosu spot trip via NoPac redel
Singapore-Japan $7500 daily - Cargill
'Tian Bai Feng' 2000 74269 dwt dely CJK 28/30 Oct trip via EC
Australia redel China int coal $7500 daily - EdF Trading
'Premnitz' 1994 72873 dwt dely Hunterston 3/7 Nov 2 laden legs 1st
leg Kamsar/US Gulf redel Skaw-Cape Passero $4000 daily chop 3rd leg at
BPI - Cargill
'Alpha Glory' 1999 72770 dwt dely EC South America 1/10 Dec redel
Singapore-Japan $13500 daily + $350000 bb - Louis Dreyfus
'Maria V' 1987 69230 dwt -
'Consul Poppe' 1995 68591 dwt dely Inchon ppt trip via EC Australia
redel EC India $7400 daily - Noble
'Bulk Peru' 2011 57937 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel China intention nickel ore $12750 daily - cnr
'Trident Legacy' 2012 57000 dwt dely passing Singapore 28/30 October
trip via Indonesia redel full India $9500 daily - Siva Bulk -
'Dato Success' 2012 56860 dwt dely aps Bandar Abbas spot trip redel
Singapore-Japan $8250 daily - cnr
'Thor Fortune' 2011 54123 dwt dely Longview 13/16 November trip
redel Singapore-Japan $8750 daily + $375000 bb - cnr
'Spar Draco' 2006 53565 dwt dely aps Nopac 10/14 November trip redel
Singapore-Japan $7750 daily + $310000 bb - WBC


'TBN' 160000/10 Saldanha Bay/Qingdao 20/30 Nov approx $17.50 fio




International Ship Registry of Cambodia

Circular No.41

- 29 OCTOBER 2012 –
T O :
FURTHER TO CIRCULAR NO.31 DATED 18 DECEMBER 2008 for the subject of Long-Range
Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) which was effected by the International Ship Registry of
Cambodia as the Flag State Administration of the Royal Government of Cambodia in accordance with the
requirements of the IMO Resolution MSC.202(81) and the Amendments to SOLAS Chap.V/19-1,
RECALLING THAT all vessels applicable such as All Passenger Ships including High Speed Craft, Cargo
Ships including High Speed Craft of 300 gross tonnage and upwards and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
which have been fitted with LRIT Equipment on board and issued the Initial LRIT Conformance Test Report
by the Authorized Application Service Provider (ASP) in due course must be ensured that it should be
working properly at all times through periodical testing required as appropriate,
ENFORCES THAT accordingly, all Shipowners, Operators and the Master are required to directly
apply to the Authorized Application Service Provider as designated below for Annual Testing of
Shipborne LRIT Equipment at the time of process of Annual and Periodical Surveys of the SOLAS
Certificates by the Recognized Organizations as necessary and must be issued the Annual LRIT
Conformance Test Report by the Authorized Application Service Provider through successful
completion of the testing required which shall be kept on board without fail.
Contact Details of the Authorized Application Service Provider (ASP) :

INDUSTRY UPDATES on 29th October, 2012

on 29th October, 2012

JSW Steel sees challenges on rising imports
 “Global economic situation continues to remain challenging with increasing uncertainties, impacting the prospect of economic growth across geographies. IMF projects World economy to grow at 3.3%. The Indian economy is expected to get back in growth mode post recent economic reform announcements. The world's crude steel production for the first nine months of 2012 at 1149 million tonnes, recorded a marginal growth of 0.6%. While some countries have recorded a reasonably good growth in steel production (i e USA 5.3%, Russia 4.3%, Korea 3.0%), continuing recessionary trends in Europe and slowing Chinese economy are expected to hold world steel production at previous year's level of 1518 million tonnes. Global steel production has already shown a decline of 4% during July to Sept 12 vis a vis previous quarter.”

JSW said “Indian steel industry has witnessed a subdued demand growth of 2.8% during the period Jul-Sep'12 vis a vis 7.7% in the previous quarter, coupled with rising imports mainly from FTA countries.”

It said “Whilst, domestic steel demand is expected to be steady, rising imports and availability of mineral resources will be major deterrents depriving Indian steel industry a level playing field vis a vis their global peers.”
(Steel Guru)
Coal prices dip but Indian buyers wait on sidelines
Prompt physical coal prices slipped by 50-60 U.S. cents a tonne for the third day in a row as weak demand from India and China outweighed anxieties about South African strikes spreading to disrupt exports.
Although India's monthly imports have been strong and steady all year, spot buying for Q4 has been disappointing, suppliers said.
"Having waited for prices to drop to $80 for South African before buying and then seen the market fall below that level, they've backed off now because it may not have hit the bottom yet," one European trader said.
November and December loading South African cargoes were bid at $74.00 a tonne FOB Richards Bay on Friday - having fallen to a nearly three-year low of $77 on Wednesday.
Bids of $74 which were dismissed as unrealistically low by many players on Thursday seemed on Friday far more realistic a reflection of the market's weakness in the last two months of the calendar year, traders and utilities said.
While prices appear vulnerable to further falls, Indian buyers in particular will remain sidelined, they said.
A revival of Asian spot buying is unlikely in the near-term, Barclays Capital said in a research note on Friday.
"Barring any unexpected large-scale supply disruptions, we only expect prices to receive support when large importers such as India and China become active on the prompt market again," Bar Cap said.
"This is unlikely to happen in the very short term as China's inventories are still plentiful and India is banking on further downward price moves," the note said.
Around 1.2 million tonnes a year of coal production has been halted by strikes in South Africa which have cost the continent's largest economy over 10 billion rand this year.
However, the coal market has been largely unmoved because there has been no impact on rail transport or port operations and the market remains oversupplied, Deutsche Bank said in a note on Friday.
"Widespread signs of a production response are lacking, and we are therefore neutral to negative on thermal coal pricing in the near term despite the already-low level relative to marginal costs," Deutsche Bank said.
(Hellenic Shipping News)
Indian iron ore mining mess - Is INR 35000 loss in Goa notional

Mining operators and iron ore exporters in