The Daily Fixture/Index List of 22nd November, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 22nd November, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List 22/11/2012

BDI 1084 UP 11

BCI 2318 DOWN 17

BPI 991 UP 28

BSI 716 UP 10

BHSI 424 UP 8


'Katerina Warrior' 1997 170000 dwt - dwt
'Barock' 2007 82688 dwt dely retro Mundra 16 Nov trip via EC South
redel Singapore-Japan $8000 daily - cnr
'Densa Flamingo' 2012 82671 dwt dely Chaozhou spot trip via West
redel China $9500 daily - Oldendorff
'Diamantina' 2010 82094 dwt dely Immingham ppt trip via Murmansk
Skaw-Cape Passero $9500 daily - cnr
'Key Knight' 2012 82000 dwt dely Hamburg 28/30 Nov trip via Murmansk
Singapore-Japan $15500 daily - Agroship
'Twinkle Island' 2012 82000 dwt dely San Ciprian 22/24 Nov 2 laden
legs redel
Skaw-Cape Passero $8000 daily - E.On
'Darya Lok' 2012 81930 dwt dely Inchon 23/25 Nov trip via EC
Australia redel
EC India $8500 daily - cnr
'Filgalia Prudence' 2012 81480 dwt dely US Gulf 5/10 Dec trip redel
Singapore-Japan $15500 daily + $450000 bb - E.On
'Popi S' 2011 80400 dwt dely Recalada 1/10 Dec trip via EC South
redel Singapore-Japan $14500 daily + $450000 bb - CJ International
'Golden Empress' 2010 79463 dwt dely Toros spot 2 laden legs redel
Passero $7250 daily - cnr
'Grain Express' 2004 76466 dwt dely Hamburg 26/30 Nov 2 laden legs
1st leg
Baltic/US Gulf redel worldwide $12500 daily - Oldendorff
'Evoikos Theo' 2000 75681 dwt dely EC South America 10/20 Dec trip
Singapore-Japan $14500 daily + $460000 bb - Bunge
'Efrossini' 2012 75003 dwt dely Recalada 10/20 Dec trip via PG redel
$14800 daily + $485000 bb - Al Ghurair -
'Captain Evangelos N.M.' 1997 71685 dwt dely CJK 22/23 Nov trip via
redel Red Sea $10000 daily - STX Pan Ocean
'Sea Venus' 1990 68849 dwt dely Kaohsiung 27 Nov/2 Dec trip via
redel China $7500 daily - cnr
'Mystic Striker' 2011 56854 dwt dely NC South America spot trip
redel E Med
approx $13500 daily - Energy
'APJ Jai' 2011 56594 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
Thailand $9500 daily - cnr
'Yasa Unsal Sunar' 2007 55526 dwt dely USGulf spot trip redel
approx $18000 daily - Jaldhi
'Dubai Crown' 2005 55338 dwt dely Map Ta Phut 23/24 November trip
Indonesia redel China intention bauxite $8750 daily - cnr
'Aigeorgis' 2001 50354 dwt dely Umm Qasr 20/24 November trip via PG
China $6500 daily - Bulk Marine
'Aurora Sapphire' 2000 48893 dwt dely USGulf early December trip via
Red Sea
redel Port Said $11500 daily - Tradewinds
'Konstantinos' 1995 43222 dwt dely Panjang 23/28 November trip via
redel India $8000 daily - Bulk Marine
'Lanna Naree' 2012 33843 dwt dely Haldia prompt 2/3 laden legs redel
Singapore-Japan $8000 daily - Ultrabulk


'Good Luck' 2011 75031 dwt dely Jintang 27/28 Nov 4/7 months trading
worldwide $7300 daily - Raffles
'Navios Ulysses' 2007 55728 dwt dely Lanshan spot 3/5 months trading
worldwide approx $9100 daily - Pacnav


'Ocean Confidence' 2005 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 12/16 Dec $8.75



               Dated: ............,............ 2012
Norwegian Shipbrokers' Association’s Memo-
randum of Agreement for sale and purchase of
ships. Adopted by The Baltic and International
Maritime Council (BIMCO) in 1956.
Revised 1966, 1983 and 1986/87.

hereinafter called the Sellers, have agreed to sell, and
hereinafter called the Buyers, have agreed to buy


Classification Society/Class: .. /  ............

Built: ......
By: ..........................................

Flag: ......                                                  
Place of registration: ................

Call Sign: ..........
Grt/Nrt: ..........................

Register Number: IMO Number: ...............

hereinafter called the Vessel, on the following terms and conditions:

"Banking days" are days on which banks are open in both in the country of the currency stipulated for the Purchase Price in Clause 1, ................., ............ and in the place of closing stipulated in Clause 8.
"In writing" or "written" means a letter handed over from the Sellers to the Buyers or vice versa,           
a registered letter, telex, telefax or other modern form of written communication.
"Classification Society" or "Class" means the Society referred to in line 4.

1.                    Purchase price  US$  0.000,000 (United States Dollars ..... MILLION, ................ AND ........ THOUSAND) cash

2.  Deposit

As security for the correct fulfilment of this Agreement the Buyers shall lodge a deposit of 20%
twenty per cent) of the Purchase Price within 3 (three) banking days from the date this Agreement has been signed by both parties by fax/email or all subjects have been lifted, whichever is the later. This deposit shall be placed with accordance with the terms of their standard Escrow Holder’s letter which is to be signed by both parties. Interest is to be credited to Buyers’ account. Any fees charged for holding said deposit shall be borne equally by the Sellers and the Buyers.

3. Payment

The 20% (twenty per cent) deposit is to be released and 80% (eighty per cent) balance of purchase money is to be paid in full to the Sellers in …………………………………………….: at the time of on delivery of the Vessel in exchange of the delivery documents required by the Buyers, after the Vessel is in every respect physically ready for delivery in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Notice of Readiness has been given in accordance with Clause 5.






















4. Inspections – See Additional Clause 20

The Buyers have inspected and accepted the Vessel’s classification records. The Buyers have also inspected the Vessel at/in  on
and have accepted the Vessel following this inspection and the sale is outright and definite,                 subject only to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The Buyers shall have the right to inspect the Vessel’s classification records and declare
whether same are accepted or not within

The Sellers shall provide for inspection of the Vessel at/in I

The Buyers shall undertake the inspection without undue delay to the Vessel. Should the                   Buyers cause undue delay they shall compensate the Sellers for the losses thereby incurred.                The Buyers shall inspect the Vessel without opening up and without cost to the Sellers.                     During the inspection, the Vessel’s deck and engine log books shall be made available for         examination by the Buyers. If the Vessel is accepted after such inspection, the sale shall                 become outright and definite, subject only to the terms and conditions of this Agreement,               provided the Sellers receive written notice of acceptance from the Buyers within 72 hours
after completion of such inspection.
Should notice of acceptance of the Vessel’s classification records and of the Vessel not be
received by the Sellers as aforesaid, the deposit together with interest earned shall be                     released immediately to the Buyers, whereafter this Agreement shall be null and void.

4a) and 4b) are alternatives; delete whichever is not applicable. In the absence of deletions,        alternative 4a) to apply.

5.  Notices, time and place of delivery

The Sellers shall keep the Buyers well informed of the Vessel’s itinerary and shall
provide the Buyers with 7, 5, 3 days approximate notice and 1
days definite notice of the estimated time of  readiness for drydocking/underwater inspection/delivery. When the Vessel is at the place of delivery and in every respect physically ready for delivery in accordance with this Agreement, the Sellers shall give the Buyers a written Notice of Readiness for delivery.

The Vessel shall be delivered charter free, with empty/swept holds and taken over safely afloat at a safe and accessible berth or anchorage at a safe port in Chile with exact port in Sellers’ option.

Expected time of delivery: Between ........................... 2012 and ................ 2012, in the Sellers’ option.
Date of cancelling (see Clauses 5 c),6 b) (iii)and 14): .................... 2012 in the Buyers’ option.

If the Sellers anticipate that, notwithstanding the exercise of due diligence by them, the
Vessel will not be ready for delivery by the cancelling date they may notify the Buyers in
writing stating the date when they anticipate that the Vessel will be ready for delivery and
propose a new cancelling date. Upon receipt of such notification the Buyers shall have the
option of either cancelling this Agreement in accordance with Clause 14 within 7 5 (five) running
days of receipt of the notice or of accepting the new date as the new cancelling date. If the
Buyers have not declared their option within 7 5 (five) running days of receipt of the Sellers’
notification or if the Buyers accept the new date, the date proposed in the Sellers’ notification
shall be deemed to be the new cancelling date and shall be substituted for the cancelling
                      date stipulated in line 61.

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 21st November, 2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 21st November, 2012

FIXTURES - 21/NOV/2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 21/11/2012

BDI 1066 (UP 12) BCI 2367 (DOWN 2) BPI 933 (UP 31)

BSI 695 (UP 8) BHSI 409 (UP 2)

Last published BDTI 723 (UP 8) BCTI 681 (UP 2)


'Glorious Wind' 2010 83410 dwt dely Gibraltar spot trip via Norfolk
& Black Sea redel Cape Passero $9500 daily - Aquavita
'Fiskardo' 2010 83000 dwt dely Zhuhai 22/27 Nov trip via Indonesia
redel EC India $9500 daily - cnr
'KM Keelung' 2010 82072 dwt - said to be $15000 daily + $500000 bb basis via Cape of Good Hope>
'Prabhu Mohini' 2011 81168 dwt dely Haldia ppt trip via Adelaide
redel China int ore $7200 daily - Cargill
'Furness St.Kilda' 2010 61510 dwt dely Chiba spot trip via Nopac
redel Singapore-Japan $8000 daily - STX Pan Ocean
'Tennei Maru' 2009 58743 dwt dely Vancouver BC end November trip
redel Singapore-Japan $9150 daily + $390000 bb - Pacbasin
'Marylaki' 2010 58114 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel S China $9000 daily - cnr
'Metropol' 2012 58000 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel WC India $11500 daily - Harmony Innovation
'Xin Hong Bao Shi' 2009 57122 dwt dely Manila spot trip via SE Asia
redel CJK intention coal $9300 daily - cnr
'Mandarin Grace' 2011 56693 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via SE Asia
redel China intention nickel ore $12500 daily - cnr
'Sunny Horizon' 2012 56686 dwt dely Kohsichang spot trip redel
Cigading intention clinker $7750 daily - cnr
'Sun Lucia' 2012 56568 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel S China $10500 daily - cnr
'Jin Mao' 2009 54768 dwt dely Lanshan spot trip via SE Asia redel
China intention nickel ore $8000 daily - cnr
'Nicolaos A' 2003 53806 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel WC India $13000 daily - Norvic Shipping
'Thor Insuvi' 2005 52480 dwt dely Lome 23/27 November trip via EC
South America redel Singapore-Japan $10500 daily - Cargill
'Las Tortolas' 2011 50633 dwt dely USGulf end November trip redel
Italy approx $10750 daily - Copenship -


'Efessos Wave' 2012 87000 dwt dely Hamburg spot 11/13 months trading
redel worldwde $8500 daily - Cobelfret
'Falcon Trader 1' 2006 55699 dwt dely Quinzhou spot about 3/5 months
trading redel worldwide approx $9250 daily - MUR
'Pilion' 58000 2010 dwt dely WC India end November 1 option 1 year
trading redel worldwide approx $9150 daily 1st yr approx $10500 daily
2nd year - cnr


'TBN' 160000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 11/18 Dec $9.30 fio

INDIA INDUSTRY UPDATES On 22nd November, 2012

On 22nd November, 2012

Coalmin deallocates mine allotted to Bihar Sponge Iron
The government has decided to deallocate a coal block allocated to Bihar Sponge IronBSE 1.12 % and deduct bank guarantee of Rs 26.5 crore in case of Jindal Steel & Power Ltd (JSPL) and Jayaswal Neco.

"As the company has been given a number of opportunities to develop the coal block and...has failed to develop the same has been decided to deallocate the Macherkunda coal block in the state of Jharkhand from Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd," Coal Ministry said in a letter dated November 20 to the company.

"In addition, it is further decided to return the full bank guarantee amount without any deduction," the letter said.

The Coal Ministry in another letter to JSPL dated November 20 said that it has decided to deduct bank guarantee amounting to Rs 16.5 crore with regard to Jitpur coal block in Jharkhand alloted to the company.

"It has been decided to deduct the proportionate bank guarantee for shortfall in production furnished by the allocatee companies. The bank guarantee to the extent of Rs 16.59 crore be deducted," the coal ministry said in a letter to JSPL.

In another letter to Jayaswal NecoBSE 2.68 %, the ministry said, "It has been decided to deduct proportionate Bank Guarantee furnished by the allocatee companies. The Bank Guarantee to the extent of Rs 10 crore be deducted."

The Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) has completed the exercise of scrutiny of blocks alloted to both private and public sector firms, which were issued show cause notices for failing to develop mines within stipulated timeframe.

A total of 58 mines were issued show-cause notices for their failure to develop blocks within stipulated timeline.

The government had formed the IMG in July to review progress of coal blocks allocated to firms for captive use.

The CAG had estimated that undue benefits to the tune of Rs 1.86 lakh crore might accrue to private firms on account of allocation of 57 mines to them without auction.
(Economic Times)

Jindal Sees first Mozambique coal exports by January

Jindal Power & Steel has started producing coal at its mine in Mozambique this month, with first exports expected by January next year, the company's country head for Mozambique said at an industry conference on Tuesday.
The company initially plans to produce and ship 1.3 million tonnes of coal, ramping up to 10 million tonnes over three to four years, with potential to double that in the future.
"Production has already started. We expect our first shipment in the next few months, possibly by January," Manoj Gupta told a Coaltrans conference in Maputo.
The mine will produce both coking coal and thermal coal.
The company's mine is not linked to the Sena railway line which Vale and Rio Tinto are using to transport coal to the port at Beira, so Jindal plans to use trucks over 100 km (60 miles) to link up with the Sena line.
The refurbishment of the Sena line to handle 6.5 million tonnes of coal a year has been delayed, forcing Vale to curtail production and exports this year.
There are plans to upgrade the line further to eventually carry up to 18 million tonnes, but critics wonder if this will happen any time soon given already major delays to the first phase of the project.
Mozambique is a hot new destination for coal producers but the poor state infrastructure in a country that remains dirt poor despite rapid economic growth in recent years remains an obstacle to developing the industry.

(Economic Times)

Iron ore export from India in Oct at 10 year low – Macquarie

According to preliminary figures cited by Macquarie Group Ltd, export of iron ore from India came to