The Daily Fixture/Index List of 17th December, 2012

FIXTURES - 17/DEC/2012

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 17th December, 2012

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 17/12/2012

BDI 766 (DOWN 18) BCI 1403 (DOWN 37) BPI 815 (DOWN 24)

BSI 742 (DOWN 3) BHSI 444 (UP 1)

Last published BDTI 746 (UP 5) BCTI 750 (UP 7)


'Tyana' 2010 81932 dwt dely Lisbon 18/23 Dec 2 laden legs 1st
PDM/Argentina then Argentina/Continent redel Gibraltar-Skaw $8000
daily - Windrose -
'Cymbeline' 2001 73060 dwt dely Lumut 22/24 Dec trip via Indonesia
redel S.Korea $7000 daily - SW Shipping
'Maritime Wisdom' 1993 73000 dwt dely aps Indonesia 15/25 Dec trip
redel Singapore-Japan $5500 daily + $95000 bb - Oldendorff
'Alpha Effort' 1999 72844 dwt dely Indonesia 21/26 Dec trip redel
Hong Kong $6000 daily + $100000 bb - Klaveness
'Britain Bay' 2012 58709 dwt dely Santos spot 2/3 laden legs redel
Atlantic $11000 daily - cnr
'Canary' 2009 57825 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via SE Asia redel
EC India-Bangladesh $13000 daily - cnr
'Egret Bulker' 2010 57809 dwt dely Singapore spot trip via Indonesia
redel EC India $13000 daily - cnr
'Mandarin Sky' 2009 56930 dwt dely passing Singapore spot trip via
Indonesia redel India $12000 daily - ISL Dubai
'Nichirin' 2010 55694 dwt dely USGulf end December trip redel
Singapore-Japan $17500 daily - Norden
'Vinalines Brave' 2007 53529 dwt dely CJK 20/22 December trip via
Indonesia redel India $8300 daily - ISL Dubai
'Crown Princess' 2005 52347 dwt dely Dakar spot trip via EC South
America redel Singapore-Japan approx $12500 daily - Louis Dreyfus
'Ocean Kite' 2012 37000 dwt dely Charleston spot trip via Norfok
redel Baltic $8500 daily - Golden Ocean -
'Maritime Coaction' 2008 28282 dwt dely Vitoria 23/25 Dec trip redel
West Africa approx $8500 daily - cnr


'Yasa Pioneer' 2006 82849 dwt - is $8250 daily>
'Leda C' 2011 81526 dwt dely Jintang 19/20 Dec 4/7 months trading
redel worldwide $7750 daily - Glencore


'Anangel TBN' 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 25/27 Dec $8.50 fio
scale/30000shinc - Rio Tinto


ON 17TH  DEC, 2012
Government advises power companies to import 46 million tons coal in 2012-13
Government has advised power generating utilities to import 46 million tonnes of coal in the current fiscal to bridge the gap between demand for coal and its domestic supply, power minister Jyotiraditya ScindiaBSE -4.96 % said on Thursday.

The total requirement of coal in 2012-13 has been calculated as 500 million tonnes including 476 million tonnes indigenous coal and 24 million tonnes imported coal, the minister said in Lok Sabha.

The total domestic coal availability from Coal India LtdBSE -0.59 %, Singareni Colliery Company Ltd and captive mines is only 407 million tonnes. Coal India Limited has decided to acquire coal resources abroad to bridge the increasing demand supply gap and enhance energy security of the country, he said.

The thrust areas of this overseas venture are to acquire thermal coal assets, undertake their exploration, operate the mines and import the produce to India for supply to thermal power plants, he said.

Also against a gas requirement of around 85 million metric standard cubic meter per day(MMSCMD) at 90% plant load factor, 35 MMSCMD gas is being supplied to the gas-based power stations in the country, he said.
(Economic Times)
Indian iron ore mining mess - CAG pegs loss at USD 3 billion

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has almost endorsed the Karnataka Lokayukta report on illegal iron ore mining and pegged the total loss due to illegal exports of ore at INR 15,245 crore from 2003 to 2010.

Besides, the CAG has estimated INR 3414.45 crore loss to the State Exchequer due to compliance deficiencies. However, unlike the Lokayukta report, the supreme audit institution of India has not directly indicted any public servant.

In its report on Controls and Systems for Sustainable Mining in Karnataka, tabled in the Legislative Assembly on December 12th, the CAG said that delay in framing the Karnataka Minerals Rules till April 2011 resulted in the absence of controls on transportation, leading to illegal mining and export. This caused huge revenue loss to the exchequer.

The report said that “This is evidenced from the statement made by the CM on the floor of the Assembly on July 9th 2010, wherein it was stated that as against the permitted quantity of 4.7043 million metric tonnes of iron ore, a quantity of 77.534 million metric tonne was exported. This resulted in as much as 30.491 million metric tonnes of iron ore valued at INR 15,245 crore being exported without valid permits from 2003-04 to 2009-10.”

The then Lokayukta Justice Mr Santosh Hegde, in his report on illegal mining submitted to the State government in 2010, had estimated the total loss at INR 16,085 crore between 2006-07 and 2009-10. He had indicted the then chief minister Mr BS Yeddyurappa and the then ministers from Bellary.

While the Lokayukta investigated issues related to illegal mining of iron ore, the CAG has conducted the performance appraisal of the controls and systems in the mining sector. This apart, the CAG has estimated that the loss caused through damages to the State highways, major district roads and bridges due to transportation of iron ore at INR 1,709 crore. It has also found considerable reduction in the growth rate of population of cattle, as per the 18th census of livestock in Bellary.
(Steel Guru)
Goa to export ore fines at pit heads

With the aim of cleaning up the huge dumps at various mine sites, the Goa government plans to export ore dumped at pit heads, it is learnt.