Their PSC division is initiating
the second Concentrated
Inspection Campaign (CIC)
on propulsion and auxiliary
machinery for all cargo ships
under DBS starting on July
15, 2013.

Following the satisfactory results of the previous CIC, DBS PSC division in co-operation with the

Technical department, will continue carrying out CICs quarterly. For this quarter, DBS CIC is associated
with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery requirements on board ships. The Paris in co-operation
with Tokyo MoU will perform a CIC on the same area starting on September for three months.
Therefore, the CIC on propulsion and auxiliary machinery is commencing ahead of the MoU’s aiming to
identify possible deficiencies on board and assuring that have been rectified in appropriate time frame
in order to avoid deficiencies and/or detainable deficiencies. The DBS CIC starts on July 15, 2013 for
three months.
As with previous DBS CICs, in practice the CIC will be carried out in conjunction with the forthcoming
statutory surveys on all ships and Surveyors will be informed through the ISAT Form (refer to QSP 7.3,
Attachment “A”). In case a ship is not due for statutory survey in the next three months, the CIC will be
carried out as an occasional attendance on board where this is feasible and practicable at a convenient
port of call.
The Surveyors will use the report as attached to this Circular and will concentrate on documentation
review, the steering gear, main and auxiliary engines functionality as well as crew familiarization on
operation. When deficiencies are found, Surveyors should inform the Head Office accordingly and
impose a notice of recommendation as per DBS QSP 7.3 Attachment “C” indicating clearly the due date
for rectification. The deficiency will also be shown on the survey status of the ship.

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