The Daily Fixture/Index List of 20th February, 2013

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 20th February, 2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 20/02/2013

BDI 735 (DOWN 3) BCI 1355 (DOWN 22) BPI 875 (UP 16)

BSI 695 (UP 8) BHSI 410 (DOWN 1)

Last published BDTI 658 (DOWN 1) BCTI 693 (DOWN 5)


'Boston'  2007 178000 dwt  dely Shanghai 20/21 Feb trip via Haypoint
redel South Korea $7250 daily - Polaris
'Ocean Dragon' 1995 151000 dwt  dely Taichung 21/23 Feb trip via
Indonesia redel South Korea $7000 daily - Glovis
'Salvatore Cafiero' 2001 75668 dwt  dely aps US Gulf 2/5 Mar trip via
Plomin redel Passero $9000 daily + $435000 bb - Solym Carriers
'Tian Du Feng' 2001 74201 dwt  dely Gibraltar spot trip via US east
coast int coal redel Japan $15000 daily - STX Pan Ocean
'Jin Wan' 2009 56897 dwt  dely Lianyungang spot  trip via SE Asia
redel China intention nickel ore $6000 daily - cnr
'Sky Globe' 2009 56854 dwt  dely Bahia Blanca end Feb/early March
trip redel Singapore-Japan $11000 daily + $200000 bb - EBC
'Jia Sheng Shan' 2011 56632 dwt  dely Tianjin 23/26 February  trip
redel SE Asia intention steels $4500 daily - cnr
'Yutai Breeze' 2010 55088 dwt  dely Surabaya 22/24 February  trip via
Indonesia redel N China $12000 daily - DHL
'Ocean Pioneer' 2006 53489 dwt  dely Lugait spot  trip via SE Asia
redel India $6000 daily - Bulk Marine
'Castlegate' 2008 53450 dwt  dely Surabaya spot  trip via Indonesia
redel Japan $9500 daily - STX Pan Ocean -


'Valeria Della Gatta' tbr 'Maia' 2009 82193 dwt  dely Gibraltar 24
Feb/4 Mar 18/24 months trading redel worldwide $10900 daily - Glencore
'Yutai Ambitions' 2008 77238 dwt  dely Dongguan prompt 5/8 months
trading redel worldwide $8500 daily - Beibu Gulf

Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) inspections on medicine chests and medical equipment

The Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) has issued a
Merchant Marine Notice informing that Flag and Port
State Control surveyors on Panamanian jurisdictional
waters will be carrying out inspections related to medicine chests and
medical equipment.

Both Flag State inspectors and Port State Control inspectors have been instructed by PMA to take special attention in verifying that onboard exist a medicine chest, medical equipment and guidelines taking into consideration the number of persons on board, the type and nature of the ship, destination and duration of voyage.
These inspections have commenced from January 1, 2013 and will be carried out within the
Panamanian jurisdictional waters.
As per PMA Merchant Marine Notice:
“The Flag State and Port State Control surveyors shall ensure the control of labels, expiration dates, conditions for the conservation of medicines and the corresponding prospects, as well as the proper functioning of the equipment.