The Daily Fixture/Index List of 27th February, 2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 27/02/2013

The Daily Fixture/Index List of 27th February, 2013

BDI 745 (UP 4) BCI 1264 (DOWN 27) BPI 961 (UP 22)

BSI 745 (UP 11) BHSI 426 (UP 7)

Last published BDTI 686 (UP 3) BCTI 689 (UP 1)


'Spring Bright' 2010 174757 dwt dely Taichung 1/4 Mar trip via east
coast Australia redel South China $7500 daily - Polaris
'Welprofit' 2011 93250 dwt dely aps EC South America prompt trip
redel Singapore-Japan $9500 daily + $700000 bb - Beibu Gulf
'Jin Mei' 2010 93204 dwt dely CJK spot trip via Australia redel
Singapore-Japan $7500 daily - cnr
'Ioli' 2012 81730 dwt dely passing CoGH 27/28 Feb trip via EC South
America redel China $10900 daily + $500000 bb - Noble
'Oinoussian Lady' 2004 76704 dwt dely passing CoGH 14/17 Mar trip via
EC South America redel Singapore-Japan $9000 daily + $600000 bb - cnr
'Glyfada I' 2009 75639 dwt dely EC South America mid Apr trip redel
PMO-Japan $15000 daily + $500000 bb - cnr
'Eisho' 2012 75000 dwt dely Qinzhou spot trip via Indonesia redel
ECIndia-south China $11250 daily - Cargill
'Bargara' 2002 74832 dwt dely Zhanjiang 2/9 Mar trip via EC South
America redel Singapore-Japan $8300 daily - cnr
'Fortune Lady' 1998 74761 dwt dely aps EC South America 18/23 Mar
trip redel Singapore-Japan $14700 daily + $450000 bb - cnr
'Albion Bay' 2011 58755 dwt dely USGulf early March 2/3 laden legs
redel Atlantic approx $13500 daily - ADM
'Tenko Maru' 2008 58732 dwt dely dop Tanjung Priok spot trip redel
China intention bauxite $12000 daily - cnr
'Josco Huangzhou' 2012 58669 dwt dely dop S.Chile spot trip via
S.Brazil redel Singapore-Japan $14750 daily - cnr
'Aetolia' 2010 58106 dwt dely Cape Town spot trip via EC South
America redel Singapore-Japan approx $13000 daily - Toepfer
'Filia Glory' 2011 58018 dwt dely aps Recalada early March trip
redel W.Med approx $15500 daily - Noble
'Xin Hing Bao Shi' 2009 57122 dwt dely Yangon 3/8 March trip via
Indonesia redel S.China $5750 daily - cnr
'Hehe' 2011 56786 dwt dely Guangzhou spot trip via Se Asia redel
China intention nickel ore $8500 daily - cnr
'Golden Eagle' 2010 55989 dwt dely Douala spot trip via S Brazil
redel Singapore-Japan $12400 daily - Noble


'TBN' 194000/10 Subic Bay/China + Options 5/9 Mar $3.50 fio 35000
shinc/30000 shinc - Vale


As much as four million tonnes rice have been exported till date from the old (anchorage) port here after the lifting of ban on non-basmati rice exports, in spite of the poor condition of roads and other infrastructure, and it could have been much more, with better facilities, according to local rice exporters and traders.

They expressed the opinion at a one-day seminar on strategic export management, organised by the Cocanada Chamber of Commerce in association with the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) here.

D. Surya Rao, President of the chamber, said the approach roads to the old port were in a very poor shape and there was also acute paucity of jetties at the wharf to expedite rice exports. As a result, the trade was paying huge demurrages.

He said the issue should be addressed immediately, as it would worsen in the monsoon season. Road works at least should be completed before that.

S.B.S. Reddy, Joint Director-General of Foreign Trade, said the economic recession in the West had adversely affected our exports and the current year’s target of $345 billion may not be achieved and in fact the country may not even touch last year’s export level of $303 billion.

“Therefore, the export performance of Kakinada is very laudable in these recessionary times. The State Government, in charge of the port, would have to address the infrastructural problems.

But we will do everything possible to make it easy for the exporters procedurally,” he promised.

When asked about the service tax on rice exports, he said the exporters could claim refund from the department.

East Godavari Collector Neetu Prasad said earlier a proposal had been sent to the State Government seeking Rs 5 crore for improvement of approach roads to the port, but it had not been sanctioned.

She asked the port officials to prepare a fresh proposal for Rs 30 crore for the purpose and she would try to secure the funds from the State or Union Government under various schemes.

K.R Nath of Indus Business Academy (Bangalore), K. Unnikrishnan, Director FIEO, and several exporters addressed the open house organised on the occasion.

Kolkata Port Trust gets 3 bids for cargo handling at 2 key Haldia berths

Kolkata, Jan. 12: