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PERIOD# VESSELS          L.D.T (M.T)
THIS YEAR (2013)100961,282.9
PREVIOUS YEAR (2012)4324,332,795.6
THIS MONTH (APR 2013)14127,518.3
PREVIOUS MONTH (MAR 2013)     27271,583.9



Tata Metaliks to merge with Tata Steel

Tata Metaliks Ltd has informed the exchanges that its board of directors and the committee of directors of Tata Steel Ltd have approved the merger of the former with the latter.
The respective meetings on April 10 approved the proposal following their Audit Committee approving it with effect from April 1.
The stock of Tata Metaliks is ruling 1.33 per cent higher at Rs 45.70 in early trade on Thursday while Tata Steel remanied weak at Rs 305, down 0.2 per cent over the previous day's close.
In terms of the scheme, Tata Metaliks will be amalgamated with Tata Steel followed by the dissolution of the company without winding up.
The shares held by Tata Steel in Tata Metaliks shall get extinguished and the public shareholders of TML shall be issued shares of TSL in the ratio of 4 equity shares of Rs 10 each of TSL for every 29 equity shares of Rs. 10 each of TML in terms of the scheme.
At the end of December 2012, retail investors held 39.85 per cent stake in the company while promoters holding stood at 50.1 per cent.
Further, the company has informed that Tata Metaliks Kubota Pipes Ltd, subsidiary of the company, has also approved the amalgamation of the company with TSL.

Coal India adopted new pricing model without tech upgrade: NTPC

The showdown between two public sector companies – Coal India and NTPC – could not be resolved on Wednesday even after heads of both the companies met the Government.
NTPC said that it would continue to pay on the basis of calorific value of coal received at its power stations. However, Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman and Managing Director of NTPC claimed that there are no pending dues to Coal India from his company.
At the same time, Coal India Chairman, S. Narsing Rao, said that the miner would supply coal that is being mined.
Coal India has started the process of putting in place a mechanism for third party sampling of coal. This may be in place even before targeted timeline of September, Rao added.
The Chiefs of NTPC and Coal India met Coal Secretary Sanjay Kumar Srivastava on Wednesday to resolve their row.
Earlier in the day, the Maharatna power producer said the miner did not make the required infrastructure

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 11/04/2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 11/04/2013

BDI 865 (UP 6) BCI 1257 (UP 7) BPI 1095 (UP 15)

BSI 901 (UP 1) BHSI 521 (UP 3)

Last published BDTI 702 (DOWN 7) BCTI 649 (DOWN 6)


'Guo Tou 301' 2012 93758 dwt dely Fukuyama spot trip via NoPac redel
Singapore-Japan $10000 daily - cnr
'LM Victoria' 2010 93317 dwt - correct rate is $15600 daily>
'TW Manila' 2012 93225 dwt dely Taiwan spot trip via Indonesia redel
WC India $9250 daily - cnr
'Chang Hang Kang Hai' 2011 92500 dwt dely psg Taiwan 13/18 Apr trip
via Indonesia redel S.China option Malaysia $8250 daily - cnr
'Iron Bradyn' 2005 82769 dwt dely Rotterdam ppt trip via Baltic
redel Skaw-Gibraltar $9800 daily - cnr
'Captain Antonis' 2011 82191 dwt dely Cape Passero 11/12 Apr trip
via Upriver redel Skaw-Gibraltar $10250 daily - Cargill
'Cape Kasos' Ultrabulk relet 2012 81400 dwt dely Sepetiba 5/10 May
trip via Paranagua redel China $8750 daily + $1.00 million bb -
'Triton Gannet' 2009 78802 dwt dely Fangcheng 13/18 Apr trip via
Cape Cuvier redel Taiwan $10000 daily - Norden
'Glory Amsterdam' ADM relet 2006 77171 dwt dely Immingham 14/16 Apr
2/3 laden legs redel Skaw-Cape Passero $9500 daily - Ultrabulk
'Mulberry Paris' 2004 76492 dwt dely Hong Kong 15/20 Apr trip via
Indonesia redel Hong Kong $9500 daily - Cargill
'Stahla' 2012 76049 dwt dely retro Singapore 9 Apr 2 laden legs redel
Singapore-Japan $9250 daily - Oldendorff
'Danae' 2005 75160 dwt dely Recalada 20/25 Apr trip redel
Singapore-Japan $15750 daily + $565000 bb - Pacific Bulk - report of 10/04>
'Majorca' 2005 74477 dwt dely Tianjin 14/15 Apr trip via EC
Australia chop NoPac redel Singapore-Japan $7500 daily - Norden
'Ocean Spirit' 1999 73807 dwt dely psg Cape of Good Hope 5/10 May
trip via EC South America redel Singapore-Japan $10500 daily +$550000
bb - cnr
'Sunleaf Grace' 2011 61683 dwt dely USGulf spot trip redel
Singapore-Japan intention pet coke $22500 daily - Norden - last week>

'Sagar Shakti' 2012 58097 dwt dely aps USGulf mid April trip redel
Singapore-Japan approx $21000 daily - STX Pan Ocean
'Soldoy' 2011 56830 dwt dely aps NC South America 18/22 April trip
redel E Med approx $22000 daily - Oldendorff
'E.R.Bristol' 2011 56000 dwt dely aps Jamaica mid April 2 laden legs
redel Atlantic approx $14750 daily - Ultrabulk

'Union Erwin' 2011 55733 dwt dely USGulf mid April trip redel Italy
approx $19000 daily - Noble
'Galveston' 2002 51201 dwt dely Kohsichang 11/12 April trip via
Indonesia redel EC India $6500 daily - cnr
'Byron' 2003 51187 dwt dely aps Kalimantan spot trip redel full
India $8000 daily + $65000 bb - cnr
'Quinn J' 2011 34399 dwt - reported to be incorrect>
'African Hawk' 2004 27101 dwt dely Setubal mid April trip via La
Pallice redel Nouakchott $11000 daily - cnr


'Jiang Jun Shan' 2006 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 25/30 Apr $7.30
fio scale/30000shinc - BHP Billiton
'Pacific Confidence' 2004 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 25/30 Apr
$7.30 fio scale/30000shinc - BHP Billiton