Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 23/05/2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 23/05/2013

BDI 828 (DOWN 1) BCI 1339 (UP 6) BPI 863 (DOWN 17)BSI 855 (UP 2) BHSI 551 (DOWN 1)Last published BDTI 603 (DOWN 2) BCTI 586 (UP 4)


'Yangtze Xing Xiu' 2013 81678 dwt  dely Guangzhou spot  trip via South
Australia redel Singapore-Japan $5000 daily - Klaveness
'Lucky Sunday' 2009 80372 dwt  dely aps Southwest Pass 7/11 June  trip
redel Singapore-Japan $9000 daily + $600000 bb - Beibu Gulf
'Ornak' 2010 79677 dwt  dely Aratu 11/16 June  trip redel
Skaw-Gibraltar $7100 daily + $310000 bb - Windrose
'Santa Paula' Bunge relet 2009 77171 dwt  dely aps Indonesia 25/30 May
redel Singapore-Japan $7000 daily + $120000 bb - cnr
'Medi Baltimore' 2005 76469 dwt  dely Campana 15/20 June  trip redel
Skaw-Cape Passero $8000 daily + $375000 bb - Cargill
'Grain Harvester' 2004 76416 dwt  dely Paradip 27/30 May trip via EC
South America redel Far East $8250 daily - cnr
'Jia Da' 2010 75500 dwt  dely Marin 22/23 May 1/2 laden legs trip
redel Gibraltar-Skaw $9000 daily - United

'Tian Du Feng' 2001 74201 dwt  dely Recalada 9/15 June  trip redel
Skaw-Cape Passero $8750 daily + $400000 bb - Cargill
'Navios Vega' 2009 58792 dwt  dely Nantong 22/26 May  trip via
Indonesia redel full India $9000 daily - PWSL
'KT Condor' 2011 58470 dwt  dely EC South America spot  trip redel
Singapore-Japan $14000 daily + $400000 bb - cnr
'STX Crocus' 2009 57629 dwt  dely Singapore 27/28 May  trip via
Indonesia redel S China approx $11500 daily - cnr
'Lan Hai He Le' 2011 57000 dwt  dely Shenzhen 26/30 May  trip via SE
Asia redel China intention nickel ore $8000 daily - cnr
'Gou Tou 001' 2010 56915 dwt  dely dop Valparaiso 5/13 June  trip via
Las Ventanas redel EC India $16800 daily - Noble
'Glovis Madrid' 2013 56730 dwt  dely Kohsichang 30/31 May  trip via SE
Asia redel Singapore intention sand $7000 daily - Sandchart Singapore
'Amoy Progress' 2011 56670 dwt  dely Fangcheng 30/31 May  trip via SE
Asia redel Singapore intention sand $7000 daily - Sandchart Singapore
'Bi Jia Shan' 2011 56600 dwt  dely dop Tuticorin spot  trip via
Indonesia redel EC India $7000 daily - cnr
'K.Brave' 2006 56070 dwt  dely Mississippi River 2/10 June  trip redel
Japan intention grain $18100 daily - Noble
'Pretty Lady' 2001 50169 dwt  dely NC South America end May  trip
redel W Africa intention clinker $22000 daily - Norden


'Diamond Sea' 2001 74274 dwt  dely Recalada 6/11 June 4/7.5 months
trading redel worldwide $9000 daily + $800000 bb - Louis Dreyfus


JSW Steel's production down 11% at 6.37 LT in April

JSW Steel's crude steel production fell 11 per cent to 6.37 lakh tonnes (LT) in April largely due to planned shutdown of units and lack of availability of quality iron ore.

The company, headed by Sajjan Jindal, had produced 7.15 LT of crude steel in April, 2012.

Its production of flat steel was down 13 per cent at 4.55 LT, while the long steel production declined by 17 per cent at 1.28 LT, JSW said in a statement.

Flat steel is largely used by automobile and consumer durables sectors, while long steel is used in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

"One of the blast furnaces at Vijayanagar works (in Karnataka) was under annual shutdown for 22 days and resumed operations on April 26, 2013 and therefore, the capacity utilisation was lower -- at 73 per cent Vijayanagar works," the company said.

Similarly one of its blast furnaces at Salem, Tamil Nadu was also under shutdown during April, 2013, leading to lower production of crude steel. The blast furnace at Salem resumed production on May 6, 2013, the company said.

"The availability of quality iron ore in sufficient quantities remained a challenge, impacting the production and capacity utilisation," it added.

The company had produced 8.51 million tonnes of crude steel in the last fiscal despite continuation of the iron ore crisis in Karnataka. Tomorrow it will be announcing its fourth quarter and annual financial results.

Shares of the company were being traded at Rs 686.95 apiece on the BSE during late afternoon trade, down 0.74 per cent from the previous .

Goa shipping industry plans to transport long-distance cargo

Hit by the ban on mining activities, Goa shipping industry is exploring a new avenue of carrying long-distance cargo from inland waterways to ports in the neighbouring States, passing through the Arabian Sea.
“Since there is an uncertainty over mining in Goa, we are exploring the possibility of using our ships for other kind of long-distance cargo,” Atul Jadhav, President of All Goa Barge Owners’ Association (AGBOA), said.
Around 300-odd barges carrying iron ore from different jetties to the Mormugao Port and Panaji Port have been rendered jobless, due to the Supreme Court ban on iron ore exports from Goa.
“The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) has already conducted a study on Goa’s 105-km-long coastline and declared its water as partially smooth, which will give a right to the ships from the State to travel up to 12 nautical miles in the sea,” Jadhav added.
Ships in Goa, which are currently registered under the Inland Vessels Act, 1970, will have to be registered under the Merchant Vessels Act, 1958, to enable them to travel mid-sea.
INCOIS has already submitted its report to Goa’s Captain of Ports, who will have to forward it to the Union Ministry of Shipping.
Jadhav said that the barges would later be termed as “coastal vessels” and can carry cargo of different industries from Goa’s inland waterways to the ports in Mumbai or even up to Gujarat.
“Maharashtra and Gujarat governments have already got a study conducted by INCOIS, which has certified their waters as partially smooth,” he said.
Ship owners in Goa are also looking at the forthcoming industrial investment policy of Goa which will allow construction of jetties along the inland waterways.

Ahead of integration, Mittals reducing stake in JSW Ispat

Ahead of its full integration with the JSW group, one of the promoter entities of JSW Ispat Steel Ltd (formerly Ispat Industries, and now majority