Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 31/05/2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 31/05/2013

BDI 809 (DOWN 2) BCI 1336 (DOWN 3) BPI 795 (DOWN 11)

BSI 871 (UP 6) BHSI 533 (DOWN 4)

Last published BDTI 614 (No change) BCTI 589 (DOWN 4)


'Ocean Duke' 2010 180361 dwt dely Qinhuangdao ppt trip via EC

Australia redel Singapore-Japan $7000 daily - Polaris

'Shagangfirst Power' 2010 179257 dwt dely Immingham ppt trip via

Colombia redel Skaw-Cape passero $3300 daily - EdF

'Anangel Sailor' 2010 171680 dwt dely psg South Africa 20/22 June

trip via Nouadhibou & China redel psg South Africa $8200 daily -


'Cape Osprey' 1995 161448 dwt dely retro Xingang 26 May trip via

Gladstone redel S.Korea $7500 daily - Intergis

'Ningbo Seal' 2011 76000 dwt dely San Nicolas 12/17 June trip redel

Skaw-Cape Passero $8500 daily + $350000 bb - Noble

'Ever Mighty' 1996 75265 dwt dely Indonesia 12/17 June trip redel

S.China $5500 daily + $85000 bb - cnr

'Nyon' Norden relet 1999 73035 dwt dely US Gulf 10/20 June trip

redel China $10000 daily + $600000 bb - Beibu Gulf

'North Princess' 1996 71290 dwt dely Xiamen 5/10 June trip via

Indonesia redel S.China $4250 daily - Minmetals Logistic Zhejiang

'Carmencita' 2009 58773 dwt dely passing Singapore 2/5 June trip via

Indonesia redel WC India $12000 daily - Norvic Shipping

'Shropshire' 2009 56812 dwt dely Kosichang 1/2 June trip via

Indonesia redel China approx $6250 daily - cnr

'Angele N' 2010 55804 dwt dely US Gulf mid June min 75/max 150 days

redel worldwide $10250 daily + $420000 bb - WBC

'Fortune Wing' 2011 55650 dwt dely US Gulf 4/14 June trip int grain

redel Japan $21000 daily - Oldendorff

'Tigris' 2003 52454 dwt dely Surabaya 2/3 June trip via Indonesia

redel Japan $12500 daily - cnr -

'Ikaria Island' 1999 46677 dwt dely Jorf Lasfar prompt 2/3 laden legs

redel Atlantic $9750 daily - D'Amico

'Fiesta' 1997 29516 dwt dely WC South America prompt 2 laden legs

redel worldwide $10250 daily - Pacbasin -


'TBN' 170000/10 Tubarao/Rotterdam 17 June/1 July $7.40 per LT fio 6

days shinc - TKS

'SwissMarine TBN' 150000/10 Itaguai/Qingdao 20/30 June $18.20 fio

scale/30000shinc - Cargill

'Melite' 2004 60000/5 bauxite Kamsar/Aughinish 6/12 June $12.00 fio

24000shinc/15000shinc - Aquavita

'TBN' 49000/10 bauxite Kamsar/Point Comfort 14/20 June $12.25 fio

24000shinc/15000shinc - United

'K-Noble TBN' / -
read 7/16 July>


'Global Service TBN' 125000/10 Newcastle/Geojong 16/24 June $10.40 fio

40000shinc/30000shinc - KEPCO



Suzlon down 8% as January-March net loss widens to Rs 1,913 cr

Shares of Suzlon Energy slumped as much as eight per cent in morning trade on the bourses as the wind turbine major’s net loss for the quarter ended March 31 widened to Rs 1,912.72 cr.

Suzlon Group’s net loss for the quarter ended March 31 has widened to Rs 1,912.72 crore compared to Rs 300.24 crore in the same quarter a year ago due to non-routine costs and a competitive global wind sector.

Reacting to the poor numbers, shares of the company opened on a weak note at Rs 12.90, then fell 7.51 per cent to Rs 12.06 on the BSE.

Similar movement was witnessed on the National Stock Exchange as well, where the stock opened at Rs 12.80, then lost further ground and fell 8.42 per cent to Rs 11.95.

The slump in the counter was due largely to the poor earnings, besides, the broader market was also trading in negative territory, down 223 points over its previous closing price.

“This has been a very disappointing quarter. We faced both significant internal challenges on the liability management front, and externally with a highly competitive global wind sector,” company’s Group Head of Finance Kirti Vagadia said.

Nalco stock hits 52-week low intra-day

Nalco stock on Thursday came closer to its 52-week low of Rs 32.70 as it touched day’s low at Rs 34.35, but finished at Rs 34.55, down 1.29 per cent on the BSE.

According to analysts, market took a dim view of the integrated metal maker. Its net profit margin on sale has been gradually declining in the past years. In FY13, it has come down to below 10 per cent.

A metal analyst at Ambit Capital told Business Line net-to-sales margin has dropped to around 9 per cent.

“It had already come down from 33 per cent in 2007-08 to 13 per cent in 2011-12,” said another stock analyst of an institutional brokerage. Had it not been for non-operational income, Nalco would have made a net loss before tax, industry observers pointed out.

Total capex for FY14 has been planned at Rs 1,740 crore including Rs 900 crore proposed payment for NPCIL project, which is not paid yet. Other capex would include second wind power mill (in Rajasthan), Utkal coal block, alumina refinery up gradation, joint venture with GMDC.

Some of the analysts, who attended conference call with the management on Wednesday, mentioned that the capex would reduce other incomes.

The management conceded that about 25 per cent of the total pots remained shutdown mainly keeping in mind the falling LME and uncertainty over coal supply. Though, the company believed, that for the full year 100 per cent linkage coal should be available, the distribution is likely to be erratic. Due to pot shutdown metal production is likely to be lower by 30 per cent in FY14.

US genetically modified wheat stokes fears, Japan cancels tender

A strain of genetically modified (GM) wheat found in the US fuelled concerns over food supplies across Asia on Thursday, with major importer Japan cancelling a tender offer to buy US grain.Other top Asian wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines said they were closely monitoring the situation after