The Republic of Sierra Leonehas issued various MarineNotifications for therequirements under theMLC, 2006 that includeship’s cook, seafarers’employment agreement andhours of rest. TheAdministration has alsoissued the format of DMLCPart II to be completed bythe shipowners.

A fully qualified cook is required by the Administration in cases that the ship is over 1000 gross
tonnage or has a prescribed manning with ten or more persons. For ships of less than ten persons on
board, the seafarer who is assigned duties in processing food in the galley should be trained or
instructed in areas including food and personal hygiene as well as handling and storage of food on
board ships.
The Sierra Leone Marine Notification 13-005, attached to this circular, includes the requirements for
this position as well as requirements for accepting training courses for ship’s cook.
Existing ships’ cooks that have been serving as ship’s cooks prior to the entry into force of the
Convention, with more than six months sea service as ships’ cooks, but do not possess the relevant
documentary evidence of completion of approved shore based training will be granted by the
Administration a two years grace period starting at the entry into force of the MLC, 2006. This is in
order to obtain the training and endorsement accrediting him/her as a fully qualified cook.
Lastly, in cases an exemption in required from this regulation, the Administration may issue an
exemption for a specified limited period until the next port of call or for a period not exceeding one
month. The Marine Notification 13-005 includes information to be submitted to the Administration in
order for an exemption or dispensation to be issued.
The Republic of Sierra Leone requires from shipowners or person duly authorized by him to enter into
an agreement with every seafarer on board. The agreement should be signed by the shipowner or by
the representative and an original copy should be retain on board.
The seafarer signing the agreement shall be given an opportunity to examine and seek advice on the
agreement before signing, as well as such other facilities as are necessary that they have freely
entered into the agreement with a sufficient understanding of their right and responsibilities.
The shipowner shall ensure that clear information as to the conditions of seafarers employment can be
easily obtained on board by seafarers, including the ship’s master and that such information including
a copy of the seafarer’s employment agreement, is also accessible for review by Sierra Leone duly
authorized official including MLC Flag State Inspector and duly authorized Officers in the ports to be
The Sierra Leone Marine Notification 13-006 outlines the information to be included in the seafarers’
employment agreement as well as the terms for termination. More specifically, the minimum notice for
early termination of the agreement as per the Administration’s requirements should not be less than
seven days. Also, the seafarers have the right to annual paid vacation at a minimum rate of 2.5
calendar days per month of employment and the maximum duration of the uninterrupted service on
board shall be less than twelve months.

Also, any Collective Bargaining Agreement should be included in the seafarers’ employment agreement
and available on board in English language. Lastly, the Administration is requesting every seafarer
employed on board a ship flying the Sierra Leone flag to be issued with an Employment Record Book.
The Administration has issued specific requirements for the rest hours of each seafarer employed on
board a Sierra Leone ship that has been included in Maritime Notification 13-007, attached to this
The shipowner should take the requirements of the Administration into consideration when preparing
the Seafarers’ Employment Agreement as well as records of each seafarer on board the ship. The
Republic of Sierra Leone is accepting the format in Appendix 3 and 4 of the IMO/ILO Guidelines for the
development of tables of seafarers’ shipboard working arrangements and formats of records of
seafarer’s hours of work or hours of rest, 1999. The Administration is requiring daily records to be kept,
be written in the language of the ship and in English and seafarers shall receive a copy of the records
endorsed by the Master, or person authorized by the Master, and the seafarer.
The Administration has special requirements for seafarers under the age of 18 that should be taken
into consideration as outlined in Marine Notification 13-007.
The Administration has issued the format of the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II that
should be completed by the shipowners, provided with this Circular in editable format.
Shipowners should take the Administration’s requirements into consideration when completing the
DMLC Part II for ships flying the Sierra Leone flag.
MLC inspectors are requested to get familiar with the requirements of the flag Administration and take
these into consideration when reviewing the DMLC Part II against the requirements of the DMLC Part I
as well as during the MLC inspection and certification.

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 30/07/2013

FIXTURES - 30/JUL/2013

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 30/07/2013
BDI 1067 (DOWN 8) BCI 1856 (DOWN 8) BPI 1075 (DOWN 15)BSI 916 (DOWN 3) BHSI 532 (DOWN 2)Last published BDTI 650 (DOWN 3) BCTI 607 (No change)


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Far East $14750 daily + $1.5 million bb - HMM
'Welprofit' Cargill relet 2011 93217 dwt  dely Brazil 12/17 Aug  trip
redel Southeast Asia $11000 daily + $770000 bb - CJ International
'Double Progress' 2006 88266 dwt  dely Recalada 14/19 Aug  trip via
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