Daily fixtures report 15.10.2013

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Baltic  Exchange  Daily  Fixture/Index  List  15/10/2013

BDI    1963  (UP    2)
BCI    3469  (UP  14)
BPI    2021  (UP    1)
BSI    1186  (UP    1)
BHSI    637  (UP    3)
Last  published  BDTI  586  (DOWN  1)  BCTI  512  (DOWN  5)

'Cape  Agnes'  EdF  relet  2010  181458  dwt  dely  Qingdao  12/16  Oct  trip
via  Australia  redel  Japan  $36000  daily  -  'K'  Line  -  

'Andros'  2010  82158  dwt  dely  Rotterdam  14/16  Oct  trip  via  US  Gulf  &
Turkey  redel  Cape  Passero  $20000  daily  -  Cerraghil

'Darya  Gayatri'  2012  81930  dwt  dely  Amsterdam  in  d/c  15  Oct  trip  via
Baltic  redel  UKC  $19000  daily  -  Nordic  Bulk  Carriers

'Grain  Express'  2004  76466  dwt  dely  Kashima  15/20  Nov  trip  via  NoPac
redel  PMO-Japan  $17900  daily  -  cnr  -  

'Bi  Jia  Shan'  2012  56625  dwt  dely  Singapore  spot  trip  via  Indonesia
redel  EC  India  $16600  daily  -  Norvic  Shipping  -  report  14/10>

'Kittiwake'  2002  53146  dwt  dely  aps  East  Kalimantan  17/20  Oct  trip
with  coal  redel  full  India  $12000  daily  +  $150000  bb  -  ISL  Dubai

'Great  Rich'  2012  75524  dwt  dely  Hong  Kong  spot  11/13  months  trading
redel  worldwide  $12900  daily  -  Noble


Bulk buyers keep away from rice market

Paddy arrivals dropped to around 1 lakh bags on Monday compared with the levels witnessed last week.
Arrivals have dropped mainly for PR varieties as most of the kharif crop has arrived in markets, said Tara Chand Sharma, proprietor of Tara Chand and Sons.
The inflow is likely to remain sluggish while arrivals of pure basmati paddy are likely to start by month-end, he said.
In the physical market, sluggish domestic demand coupled with arrivals of new rice pulled the prices down by nearly Rs 500 a quintal, said Amit Kumar, proprietor of Ginni Rice.
Bulk buyers are still keeping out of the market as they are expecting prices to fall further. Rice market is likely to rule range-bound for a next few days, he added.
Pusa-1121 (steam) dropped by Rs 400 to Rs 7,500-7,550 a quintal, while Pusa-1121 (sela) eased by Rs 300 to Rs 7,000-7,100. Pusa-1509 (sela) decreased by Rs 500 to Rs 6,000.
Pure Basmati (Raw) quoted at Rs 11,000. Prices of Duplicate basmati (steam) decreased by Rs 400 to Rs 6,000-6,100.