FIXTURES REPORT on 24th Oct, 2013

Re : Index and Fixtures

Baltic Exchange Daily Fixture/Index List 24/10/2013

BDI  1708 (DOWN  78)
BCI  2775 (DOWN 168)
BPI  1959 (DOWN  51)
BSI  1252 (UP     9)
BHSI  644 (UP     5)
Last published BDTI 614 (DOWN 3) BCTI 490 (DOWN 4)

'Golden Beijing' 2010 176000 dwt dely Cape Passero 1 Nov trip via
Ponta da Medeira redel Cont approx $24000 daily - K.Line Europe

'Alpha Confidence' 2011 176000 dwt dely Yantai retroactive to sailing
Yantai 21 Oct trip via east coast Australia redel China-Japan range
$22500 daily - K.Line

'Sideris GS' Cargill relet 2006 174187 dwt dely Hunterston end Oct
trip via Baltimore redel South Korea $36000 daily - Polaris

'Star Yandi' 1996 169963 dwt dely Xingang retroactive to sailing 22
Oct trip via east coast Australia redel China-Japan range $18000 daily
- Integris

'Annou G.O.' 2011 87450 dwt dely Kanmon prompt trip via Indonesia
redel Japan $16200 daily - Daiichi

'Knossos Wave' 2012 87332 dwt dely Huanghua prompt tip via Nopac int
petcoke /coal redel Singapore-Japan approx $14500 daily - cnr

'Hakouta' 2011 82165 dwt dely St Cyprian 26/27 Oct 2 laden legs first
leg Casa/US Gulf redel Atlantic approx $21000 daily - ADMI

'Mega Hope' 2010 79461 dwt dely Fangcheng 26/29 Oct trip via East
Australia redel India $13500 daily - Oldendorff

'Sapphire' 1999 75574 dwt dely Kagogawa prompt trip via East
Australia redel Japan $15250 daily - cnr -

'Orsalina Bottiglieri' 2001 75413 dwt dely Visakhapatnam 31 Oct/2 Nov
trip via South Australia to AG excl Iran/Iraq redely PMO $14750 daily
- Phaeton

'Antonis G Pappadakis' 1995 73538 dwt dely aps Santos 8/10 Nov trip
redel Singapore-Japan $16000 daily + $625000 bb - Bunge

'Kosmas V' 2011 57295 dwt dely Passing Muscat prompt trip via Black
Sea redely Singapore-Japan $13000 daily - Asian Charterers

'Antonia' 2002 34655 dwt dely aps Santos prompt trip redel
Gibraltar-Skaw $9650 daily - cnr

'King Wheat' 2009 33387 dwt dely Ravenna 1/3 Nov trip via Black Sea
redel Continent $11000 daily - cnr

'Vijitra Naree' 1997 28466 dwt dely Dneprobrugsky 1/5 Nov trip redel
Spanish Mediterranean $15000 daily + $30000 bb - CHS Inc

'Pella' 2010 82163 dwt dely Singapore 25/26 Oct 12/15 months trading
redel worldwide approx $12000 daily - Bunge

'Torm Bornholm' 2004 75950 dwt dely Tianjin 23/24 Oct 11/13 months
trading redel worldwide $12500 daily - cnr

'Tritonia' 2007 32285 dwt dely Black Sea end Oct/early Nov 3/5 months
trading redel Atlantic $11750 daily - cnr

'TBN' 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 8/12 Nov $9.75 fio scale/30000shinc -
Rio Tinto

INDUSTRY UPDATES on 24th, Oct 2013

the industrial updates, as on 24/10/13.

(1)     Sugar stocks seen rallying 50-80% as volumes pick up

Shares of sugar firms have gained momentum over the last one week on increased volumes, as investors began hunting for beaten-down stocks in mid- and small-cap space.

The rise in sugar stocks, say analysts, has also been due to a sharp spike in prices globally. Middle Eastern buyers are lapping up Indian sugar which is likely to offload some of the inventory as well.

“We just started picking up sugar in the last few days. Expect the cycle to turn around in the next seven-eight months. Recently, the stock prices got fillip because of the fire in the Brazilian godowns. That is one of the reasons why you are seeing the stocks move up,” said Ambareesh Baliga, Managing Partner-Global Wealth Management, Edelweiss Financial Services to ET Now.

“But overall most of these stocks have bottomed out and with the cycle really turning up possibly in next seven-eight months, this could be a great time to pick up. One should have patience, I do not see a runaway rally but I do not see much of a downside also from here,” he added.

According to Manav Chopra, CMT, Nirmal Bang, international sugar prices were in a major downtrend after topping around in February 2011.

“The price bottomed out around in early August 2013 and breached the long-term falling trend line with a series of bullish candles which has confirmed a trend reversal. We expect the prices to rise towards in the medium term which is bullish for sugar stocks as it maintains a good positive correlation,” he said.

Following are his technical recommendations on three sugar stocks. He is of the view that this is the time to invest in sugar stocks from long term perspective.

He expects these stocks to rally around 50-80 per cent in next 4-8 months time.

(2)     Ambuja Cements falls over 2% as results disappoint

Shares of Ambuja Cements today fell 2.61 per cent in morning trade on the bourses after the cement maker reported a 45 per cent decline in the July-September quarter net profit.
Ambuja Cements yesterday reported a 45.4 per cent drop in net profit for the July-September quarter at Rs 166 crore due to lower realisations and higher logistics costs.
The company had clocked Rs 304 crore net profit in the corresponding period last fiscal.
Reacting to the numbers, shares of Ambuja Cements opened on a weak note and then slumped 2.61 per cent to Rs 191.50 on the BSE. Similar movement was witnessed on the National Stock Exchange as well where the company opened at Rs 193.10, then fell 2.33 per cent to an intra-day low of Rs 192.10.
The decline in the counter assumes significance as the broader market was trading in the positive territory with significant gains. At 10.59 a.m., the 30-share benchmark index Sensex was trading at 20,968.16, higher by 200.28 points.
Market experts said the decline in the counter was largely because the company’s September quarter earnings were below market expectations.
“The cement industry is going through subdued demand on account of overall economic slowdown. Lower realisation and higher logistics cost impacted profitability,” the company said yesterday.
(3)     Rally in pulses may continue on fears of crop damage

Strong buying support and weak arrivals have lifted tur prices in Indore mandis in the past one week by almost Rs 150 a quintal.
On Wednesday, tur (Maharashtra) was quoted at Rs 4,550 (Rs 4,375-4,400), while tur (Madhya Pradesh) increased to Rs 4,000-4,150.
Rise in tur and other pulse seeds in Indore mandis has been attributed to increased buying support from millers and traders ahead of Diwali. The bullish trend in tur and other pulse seeds will likely continue this week, said Rahul Vora, a local pulse trader .
Rise in tur has also lifted its dal over the past one week on improved buying support with tur dal (full) being quoted at Rs 6,300-6,400, tur dal (full) at Rs 5,800-5,900, while tur dal marka ruled at Rs 7,000-7,100.
Slack arrival and strong demand have lifted urad prices by Rs 200 within a week, with urad (bold) being quoted at Rs 4,300 , while urad (medium) ruled at Rs 3,500-3,800 .
With arrival being lower on account of damage to the crops due to heavy rains and lesser import deals, rally in urad will likely continue in the coming days, said a trader. Urad dal (medium) was at Rs 4,800-4,900, urad dal (bold) at Rs 5,500-5,600, while urad mongar ruled at Rs 6,800-7,200.
Moong and its dal ruled stable on subdued demand and buying support with moong (bold) remaining firm at Rs 5,400-5,500, while moong (medium) ruled at Rs 4,500-4,800.
Given extensive damage to the crop this year due to rains, rally in moong will also likely to continue in coming days. Moong dal on (medium) was being quoted at Rs 6,300-6,400, moong dal (bold) at Rs 7,000-7,100, while moong mongar ruled at Rs 7,400-7,700 a quintal respectively.
(4)     Power generation at Kudankulam to resume after preparatory work

Power generation in the first unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, which was shut down after running