Freight Concept

A freight rate  (historically and in ship chartering simply freight) is a price at which a certain cargo is delivered from one point to another. The price depends on the form of the cargo, the mode of transport (truck, ship, train, aircraft), the weight of the cargo, and the distance to the delivery destination. Many shipping services, especially air carriers, use dimensional weight for calculating the price, which takes into account both weight and volume of the cargo.

For example, bulk coal long-distance rates in America are approximately 1 cent/ton-mile. So a 100 car train, each carrying 100 tons, over a distance of 1000 miles, would cost $100,000.

In ship chartering, freight is the price which a charterer pays a shipowner for the use of a ship in a voyage charter.

The freight abbreviated in charter parties and recap of fixture as ( frt ).
The freight depends on the distance and the value of cargo, also there's an important factor if the vessel going to discharge on one or more ports.